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Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016
Good time to remember to heed those storm warnings (08/25/16)
Consider this your wake-up call ... Many times those beeping weather alerts on your phone or the TV seem like little more than annoyances that fill your cellphone screen or interrupt "The Bachelor" or ironically "Survivor" or something of like consequence...
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Marvin's delivers to the delivery room (08/25/16)
Marvin's -- the Greencastle eatery that famously "delivers anywhere" -- has made some noteworthy "deliveries" over the years. There was that time students unfurled a "Marvin's delivers" sign on Red Square in Moscow and found themselves in some Cold War hot water...
Opinion Column
America needs a functional Congress again (08/25/16)
Now that the conventions are over, all eyes are on the fall presidential campaign. But I'm going to ask you to shift your focus a bit, to Congress. Don't do it as a favor to me. Do it as a favor to the country. Congress is in the midst of a seven-week break. Its members left Washington in mid-July; they'll be back after Labor Day. They did manage to do a few things, like pass legislation providing resources for combating the heroin and opioid crisis...
Letter to the Editor
National Night Out says 'thank you' (08/25/16)
To the Editor: On behalf of the National Night Out Committee we are proud to announce that over 1,700 community members participated in our 10th annual event on Tuesday, Aug. 2 from 5-8 p.m. at Greencastle's Robe-Ann Park. This year's event was dedicated to the memory of Debbie Murphy, a longtime friend of National Night Out; to those who donated in her memory, Thank you...
Remember to be the good host (08/18/16)
Saturday is move-in day at DePauw University, which most certainly means longer lines at Walmart, fewer available parking spaces in and around campus and just more traffic congestion in general. In the long term, that means for the next nine months, the friendly confines of Greencastle will be swelled by more than 2,200 students as they descend upon DePauw to further their education while simultaneously learning to make their own way in the world...
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