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I've Had Better Weeks ...

Posted Tuesday, August 18, 2009, at 1:29 PM

We've all have them.

We start the week expecting life to follow our advance planning. We believe we have the ability to control Mother Nature, others, and even ourselves.

And then out of the blue comes something we would never in a million years think might happen to us during our lifetime.

The rest of the week is spent in reaction to that unexpected, in response to the never thought possible. All of our other plans and commitments are dropped because we have to give full attention to that which is right in front of us and won't go away. Eventually the week will end, situations resolved to the point where you can begin to recover and move forward, and our well deserved nervous breakdown can set in with our blessing.

And life continues.

You hear of people having "that kind of week" with some frequency as of late. Secure employment has been lost temporarily if not permanently. Beloved homes and property that have become family sanctuaries have been lost to foreclosure. Accidents and car wrecks have occurred and loved ones have been injured and even lost. Illnesses have flared and even taken the lives of those we never thought we could live without. We keep hearing of tragedies in places far away as well as in our own county. Those "perfect couples" announce they are separating. Even good friends who claimed they would always be there for us are revealed to be human after all.

And life continues.

I believe our society has been lying to us for a couple of decades. We listened to those who called themselves economists who told us bad days would never happen again. We listened to those who called themselves liberated from the foundations of right and wrong and that you could justify getting anything you wanted. We listened to those who called themselves religious who told us that nothing bad would happen to us; surely, not us! We listened to those who called themselves experts in health and believed that we could overcome anything our bodies might do as consequences to our bad decisions. We didn't evaluate, we didn't process how now decisions effect our future lives, and we didn't listen to anybody who was trying to talk reality to us.

We've had quite a ride as we've surfed the "bubbles" that have now burst. And we wonder if we'll make it through.

And life continues.

Even bad weeks come to an end. For every sunset there is a sunrise. For every disappointment there are a thousand celebrations. From time to time we will have weeks where we end up feeling like we're in the valley.

And then the darkness begins to fade, a path begins to appear, and we're able to start a new leg to this journey of our lives. We're even fortunate to find others walking with us out of the shadows into the light of our bright future.

And life continues.

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Oh so true!

Hopefully with each bad week we learn from

the experience. Life is not always fair or

predictable, but no matter what it does continue.

Each day we have is a blessing! Thank you for

your reminder of this.

-- Posted by caddy3 on Wed, Aug 19, 2009, at 10:25 AM

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