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My Great Year!

Posted Friday, July 2, 2010, at 10:23 AM

Several just assumed that I have been miserable these last three months.

Actually, I'm having a great time!

I am a person with allergies, those little evil reminders that I'm mortal and have to limit my enjoyment of specific things. Spring is not a season I usually enjoy, especially in central Indiana. Indeed, all of 2009 found me staying indoors as much as possible because of the floods of June, 2008, and the mold that could be found (it seemed like) everywhere in every field in every county!

The winter of 2008-2009 just didn't get cold enough to kill off the mold and so I was simply miserable for most of 2009.

Not so with this year, I'm glad to report! We had a whole month with snow on the ground (February) and that killed most of the molds. The spring found me outside nearly every day, walking around and enjoying all the blessings that "normal" people associate with spring.

And summer so far has been just a great time as long as the humidity stays to our south!

You see, people with allergies can be allergic to a wide variety of things. And allergies can be as individual as the person living life with them.

I'm allergic to most flowers and indeed take a certain medication to temporarily deaden the nerves in my nose when I'm going to be in a funeral home. Yet, a kind woman at my church discovered that you can grow non-allergy flowers and asked to plant such flowers to beautify the house where I live. They are gorgeous!

So, I'm allergic to flowers but only the kind that cause allergy troubles.

Go figure!

The mold count is down and the pollens are not so high in this part of the state. So, you'll find me walking outside nearly six miles a day nearly every day of the week. I'm having a great 2010!

And I pity the people who have allergies to the things that are giving them fits this year. They are just miserable.

Those poor people...

Part two.

People in my profession are fond of designing lists regarding the things that are bad for you. Those lists can be very long and usually include the things that might be very bad for that particular pastor!

In earlier days my own denomination published such lists. Over a hundred years ago they included wearing jewelry like wedding rings, tasting alcohol, and buying things on credit.

I'm not arguing that none of the items on those lists are indeed bad for you. I am of the mind that you can't develop a list that applies to all people.

I look upon it in another way.

I like to think that people have allergies to certain things and that each individual has to discover their own allergies. And, once discovered, you have to choose to stay away from the things that make you "miserable".

You have to develop your list. And if you don't, life can continually be a bad place for you and the people who try to give you support.

Maybe you even need to ask those special people their insights into what is bad for you. And then believe them and make changes for the better.

It's your choice!

I'm having a great year so far! Part of that is beyond my control (like mold), but a great deal of it is because I'm choosing for life to be this good.

For me life is about making all these discoveries and then choosing to do something about it.

Are you ready to do the same?

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