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Front page

Posted Friday, August 31, 2012, at 1:55 PM

Well, my church finally made it in a photo on the front page of a newspaper!

Unfortunately, it wasn't exactly the type of photo we'd been hoping for.

By now I'm sure you've heard the story. Two missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints were walking along Locust Street. A young man with a high alcohol blood level was driving by and gestured that he thought they were number one or something like that. With hands out the window and not on the steering wheel, he lost control over his vehicle and someone it flipped over and landed in front of the church building where I serve. No one was seriously hurt and the driver was taken away.

The photo that was published shows his vehicle upside down with the church in the background. It's a very nice picture of the church but that is not what your eyes focus upon when viewing the photo!

This is not the kind of publicity we need ...

The photo and story were published on the front page of The DePauw: Indiana's Oldest College Newspaper. A friend of mine from Chicago first sent me a copy by way of the internet. The photo and story are beginning to get a lot of attention beyond Greencastle. In the last few days I'm told that a television station in Utah has now picked up on the story. And, yesterday I was told that DePauw's website had over twenty thousand "hits" on it as people from all over the world were looking for it.

We've wanted to increase publicity about the church. We've wanted our building to be seen in a positive light. Two weeks ago I had a church member kidding me that he had been told in a prayer that soon thousands would be seeing our church. At least I thought he was kidding ...

This is not the kind of publicity we need ...

Some walking among us believe that coincidences don't really exist. They see no rhyme or reason for many of the events in our lives that seem to follow patterns. They see chaos and unrelated experiences that give no meaning to our lives, no explanations to our existence.

I'm one that does believe the universe follows certain guidelines and that, ultimately, I'll eventually be shown how everything fits-in-place into one beautiful design. It matters not whether I'm labeled as a person who believes in quantum physics or as a person who believes in the Christian faith or as a person who believes in mysticism. I'm simply a person who believes.

And one of my beliefs is that there is intention about what comes into my life. I often time attract certain goals to be realized never thinking about unintended consequences that arrive with the whole package.

No, I don't believe I caused that vehicle to flip over by wanting my church to be a front page story. The universe has an element of comedy to it! And, next time I'm going to want my church to appear as a front page story because our attendance is overflowing. Next time I'm going to want my church to appear as a front page story because someone has graced us with a donation of one hundred million dollars. Next time ... I'm going to fill in the details!

Remember the things you often time wish would happen in your life? Fill in the details! You want to fall in love? Make it be with a person who has a long life ahead, is monogamous, and falls in love with you as well. You want to be rich? Make sure wealth comes to you by honest means and not at the expense of others who you will have to see every day for the rest of your life.

I've met our two young missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints who are presently assigned to Greencastle. They seem like very nice young men. And, wouldn't it be funny if, a month ago, they had wished to be used as instruments for getting information about their faith beyond just Putnam County. If so, their wish is coming true!

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