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Brand Selvia

Trump's impeachment a reflective moment

Posted Thursday, December 19, 2019, at 11:35 AM
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    I’d still rather suffer a Trump presidency and all the charisma-deficient Tweets it comes with over the selection of democratic morons being sold today. Between Mrs. Solemnly herself, "The (Stupid) Squad," or the sycophantic displays we keep being fed promises of freebies with during the "debates" by those who turn middle class detachment into Savant-like art form, I'll gladly overlook Trump's supposed efforts to use his station to get dirt on those demons if it means we have good employment figures, a leadership that keeps its eyes on censoring institutions, or someone who actually cares about our borders. In fact, I was sold on Trump the day he provided freedom from narcissistic mandates.

    What he did during the now-notorious phone call is nothing short of something I could care less about because it didn’t undermine my ability to provide myself a livelihood, safety, shelter, or lifetime opportunities while simultaneously offering up possible chances to undercut someone I personally detest (Biden)... But at the end of the day, all of these hearings, news pieces, never-ending balderdash of annoying etceteras we all keep being pushed from his opposition is nothing more than an effort to annul his 2016 win by those suffering from The Syndrome and I wouldn't be surprised if 2020 is the year that gnashing teeth come for the democratic derričre. I could be wrong... Time will tell.

    -- Posted by DouglasQuaid on Fri, Dec 20, 2019, at 12:37 AM
    Response by Brand Selvia, Staff Writer - Banner Graphic:
    All you're doing in this word salad is pushing simplistic ad hominems (the "Stupid Squad") and glittering generalities ("middle-class detachment" to "savant-like art forms") without any substance to an argument that Democrats are worse.

    What is most concerning to me, though, is that you have completely sidstepped arguing the point of the post. In essence, you detest any wrongdoing by Democrats so much that President Trump is somehow the exception to your outrage.

  • The senate should immediately exonerate him. This has been a travesty. There was Nothing proved other than the actual quid pro quid was committed by the Obama administration and the only collusion with a foreign power was from Hillary Clinton and the famous flawed ‘dossier. If this is the level of impeachment than every president of the opposite majority party in the house will be impeached in the future. We have Democrat’s saying that the reason they support impeachment is because Trump didn’t prove his innocence. Chilling. This is a complete attempt to set any type of fair trial counter to American norms of juris prudence. Everyone is perfectly entitled to not like the president but go beat him in the ballot box.

    -- Posted by taylortwp on Fri, Dec 20, 2019, at 6:04 AM
    Response by Brand Selvia, Staff Writer - Banner Graphic:
    It has been viably argued that the "quid pro quo" made in Trump's case was different from Vice President Biden's withholding of a funding guarantee (which was in sync with accepted policy). The military aid suspended by Trump was mandated, and he withheld it in a personal interest to try and dig up dirt on Biden as a 2020 candidate. From my reading, this is where the issue lies with the charge of corruption.

    Further, I address Trump not testifying in his defense, even though Speaker Pelosi invited him. Trump directing his own people to defy House subpoenas simply does not reflect well. This is on him, and it's tenuous to suggest that this correlates with a Democratic vendetta.

  • Though you have the right to express your position/ opinion, there are always consequences to that.

    I will not expose if I agree or disagree with your clear position, I do know how your articles will be tinged.

    That means, from a news perspective, I will understand the perspective you are coming from. That also means I know that reporting isn't the driving influence in your articles.

    Your positions/ opinions will shape the direction of your reporting.

    I don't begrudge that and actually appreciate knowing where your articles will be coming from.

    On the other hand, it does place you in a position of being viewed from a partisan rather than a reporter.

    It is where our world is today. I have become convinced Reuters is the last potential "reporting" group where I can learn facts and use my own intellect to get to a position.

    I truly believe the most powerful media influencers would be more effective understanding that. Sadly, they don't. Both sides of the aisle have gone down this road and it has eroded confidence in the integrity of news providers.

    -- Posted by beg on Mon, Dec 23, 2019, at 1:40 AM
  • I don't stand on either side, but it's pretty obvious throwing Trump out of office has been the ultimate goal to Dems since the day he was elected. It all started with the huge out lash the night he won, followed by the recount. It's been nothing but a witch-hunt from the very first day. I wasn't shocked at all when all of this came to light, they finally found a reason to impeach, and they will see to it that he is thrown out. Saddest part about it is, their reasons are unsupported, yet they still hold the power to do it. In my opinion, us AMERICANS should get to vote on it, not the House or Senate.

    -- Posted by momof2ingreencastle on Tue, Dec 24, 2019, at 11:04 AM
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