Raising Caine by Caine Gardner http://www.bannergraphic.com/blogs/cainegardner/ en-us Hear the Silence review http://www.bannergraphic.com/blogs/cainegardner/entry/69381 The war movie genre is nothing new to cinema, but what Ed Ehrenberg has done with “Hear the Silence” is unique. Instead of opening the film with bullets whizzing past the camera and the flames of bursting bombs filling the background, Ehrenberg begins his story of a group of German soldiers lost behind enemy lines during WWII trying to find their way home with just a subtle voiceover. We meet up with Lt. Markus Wenzel and his company of soldiers as they stumble upon a village in... Thu, 13 Jul 2017 23:32:42 -0400 Dreamland review http://www.bannergraphic.com/blogs/cainegardner/entry/69380 Did you know that before Mark Twain produced some of the most important and influential works of his career, he parlayed his writing skill into a trip that took him from a small paper in San Francisco to Europe and ultimately the Holy Land? Not many people do, including myself, but the documentary “Dreamland: Mark Twain's Journey to Jerusalem” sheds light on this period before Twain become a household name and showcases that Twain possessed his trademark wit and biting... Thu, 13 Jul 2017 23:31:36 -0400 'Ahsoka' review http://www.bannergraphic.com/blogs/cainegardner/entry/67468 With fans just coming down from the high of “The Force Awakens” and now turning around and getting amped up for December's release of “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” a book hit shelves on Oct. 11 that is the best book to be released in the new canon era. E.K. Johnston “Ahsoka” follows Anakin Skywalker's former Jedi Padawan as she sets down on the remote farming world of Raada years after escaping the Empire's infamous Order 66 which wiped out out... Thu, 27 Oct 2016 11:29:17 -0400 Fall in Indiana http://www.bannergraphic.com/blogs/cainegardner/entry/50069 After dropping my daughters off at school Wednesday morning, I was making my way home and noticed this scene off to my left. I couldn't resist taking a quick snapshot. This is just one of many reasons why I love Indiana in the fall. Thu, 25 Oct 2012 23:08:28 -0400 A Look at the Debates http://www.bannergraphic.com/blogs/cainegardner/entry/49863 I was speaking with a friend recently about the Presidential and Vice Presidential debates that are currently going on. I noted how I loved to watch the politicians work through answers and see which person can get an edge. As we talked, and the more I thought about it, I kept having a vision in my head. A running video that seemed to sum up what the debates have generally come to be, which is much less romantic than the ones of the past. So without further adieu, let my friends John Cleese... Wed, 10 Oct 2012 21:13:25 -0400 Speeding with Brett Bodine http://www.bannergraphic.com/blogs/cainegardner/entry/48827 Sometimes it's hard to wake up in the morning. I'm a person that doesn't drink caffeine, so getting a jolt early in the morning sometimes is hard thing to do. I found the perfect cure for anyone who suffers from early morning sluggishness -- a ride around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. While I was setting up shop to cover the race today, a nice young lady came by and casually asked if I would like to take a ride in the pace car. I answered sure and made my way downstairs. I mean who could... Sun, 29 Jul 2012 10:22:14 -0400 It's a Sad Day in Mayberry http://www.bannergraphic.com/blogs/cainegardner/entry/48469 This is going to be a quick-hit blog post about the passing of TV legend Andy Griffith. Mr. Griffith passed away today at the age of 86 and will be forever a part of my family. I watched The Andy Griffith Show from an early age with my dad and watch it even today. (I'm actually watching it right now). The great thing about the charm of The Andy Griffith Show is that is carries on from generation to generation. My dad would have watched it when he was about 6-7 years of age, I did the same and... Tue, 03 Jul 2012 14:06:08 -0400 Canadian coach trips 13-year-old player -- wow. http://www.bannergraphic.com/blogs/cainegardner/entry/48401 Covering high school athletics as I do, I see many supportive coaches, players and families. Sometimes I see some individuals who could use a little work in that area, but I read a story that takes the cake. A hockey coach in British Columbia leg sweeps a 13-year old opponent while the two teams were shaking hands. I love "The Karate Kid" as much as the next guy, but a leg sweep by a junior league hockey coach is a weak as it comes. Simmer down, Johnny Lawrence. What's even better is the... Thu, 28 Jun 2012 22:04:37 -0400 Let's go Marco! Another day at the Indy 500 http://www.bannergraphic.com/blogs/cainegardner/entry/47905 It's race day once again and here I sit. Normally I wish that I was out among the people and taking in the excitement, but with the thermometer expected to creep north of 90 degrees, I am more than happy to be kicking it in the media center. Jared and I rolled up a little before 6:30 this morning and didn't hit a bit of traffic, so that was a cool way to start the day. Now sitting here gearing up for the day and all the greatness the Indy 500 has to offer, we talked about the race and threw... Sun, 27 May 2012 09:07:25 -0400 Lessons from the kids: Gravity Sucks http://www.bannergraphic.com/blogs/cainegardner/entry/47458 Having kids teaches you so much. Not just the things you expect like love and patience, but also things such as why gravity sucks. Let's talk about the all-important topic of gravity. We all deal with it on a daily basis and as soon as you turn your back on it, it jumps out and shows you why it's still the boss. While spending an evening with my kids recently, they decided to play tag in the house. In my infinite wisdom I said, "Be careful. Someone could lose an eye." Of course I said that... Fri, 27 Apr 2012 00:53:34 -0400 Rock+Mower=A Hit to My Wallet http://www.bannergraphic.com/blogs/cainegardner/entry/46941 Sometimes life smacks you right in the face. Other times it sends a projectile rocketing through the side window of your van. Either way, it quickly gets your attention. On Wednesday I was going about my usual routine of getting my youngest daughter ready to make the trek into town for work. We walked out to our van, I buckled her in and then noticed a bunch of black debris in the back of my van. Naturally I assumed one of the kids or my wife spilled something, but I soon found this was not... Thu, 22 Mar 2012 21:59:16 -0400 A quiet night at the Oscars http://www.bannergraphic.com/blogs/cainegardner/entry/46529 The biggest night in Hollywood and I'm going to be silent. Normally I make my predictions and live blog during the event, but as of 6:50 p.m. I have no plans to and probably for a silly reason. Uggie the Dog stole every scene he shared in "The Artist" and for the Academy Awards people didn't extend an invite to the pooch. They hand invites out to Zac Efron and Sasha Baron Cohen like they're Skittles, but for a key performer in a movie nominated for Best Picture, they get nothing. I have my... Sun, 26 Feb 2012 23:39:06 -0500 The quest for treasure -- sort of. http://www.bannergraphic.com/blogs/cainegardner/entry/46490 Last week I decided to take some time off to chill with the family before the end of the season tournaments hit when it's hard to find time to breathe let alone time away from the office. One thing my daughters and I love to do is watch movies. Of course, our tastes are a little different, so I submit to their whims and always go with their choices. We dropped by the Redbox at Walmart and looked at what it had to offer. Of all the movies it displayed, "Treasure Buddies" was the one both of... Thu, 23 Feb 2012 14:01:24 -0500 I'm at the Super Bowl! http://www.bannergraphic.com/blogs/cainegardner/entry/46186 I just arrived at Lucas Oil Stadium and made it to my seat. Second row from the top of Lucas Oil Stadium. Actually not too bad. I'll update as the day progresses. 4:55 p.m. It's starting to get busy. Seats are filling up and walking around is not as easy as it was. Listening to Michael Irvin predict the Giants will win the game. I agree, but Tom Brady is a scary, scary man. Teams will be taking the field for warm-ups in a few. 6:07 p.m. The boos are loud for Tom Brady as he's introduced on... Sun, 05 Feb 2012 22:18:12 -0500 Time to end the Pro Bowl http://www.bannergraphic.com/blogs/cainegardner/entry/46149 I like watching all-stars as much as the next person, but what I watched during this year's NFL Pro Bowl was in a word -- pathetic. I'm all for having a great time and taking it easy after the season has ended, but if you're going to play the game -- play the game. After watching the latest installment of the Pro Bowl, I'm all for doing away with it. Continue to name the players each year, but do away with the game or give us a skills challenge, something we can at least enjoy. Sure, there... Fri, 03 Feb 2012 01:08:39 -0500 I have one word for you -- Tebow http://www.bannergraphic.com/blogs/cainegardner/entry/45772 He might not be the best at the position, but you can't argue the appeal of Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow. Once thought to never have the skills to be a starter in the NFL, Tebow has taken over the offense in Denver and taken the city and nation by storm. It seems like a week doesn't go by without some news about Tebow, whether it be good or bad. The most recent news involved a number near and dear to Tebow's heart -- 316. A devout Christian, Tebow led his team to a big win over the... Thu, 12 Jan 2012 22:44:51 -0500 Short season = excitement http://www.bannergraphic.com/blogs/cainegardner/entry/45399 The debut of the NBA is just a few days away and I'm not sure what to think. With no training camp to speak of and a league of players who are upset, what kind of a product can we expect? We've already had trades declined, players (Kevin Garnett) complaining about the lack of training camp time and a rushed start to the season. Plus we're going to see teams playing as many as five or six games in a week. For the younger teams such as the Oklahoma City Thunder, that's a good thing. For the more... Fri, 23 Dec 2011 08:31:23 -0500 Awesome Thanksgiving Memories http://www.bannergraphic.com/blogs/cainegardner/entry/44829 Thanksgiving always makes me think about my Grandma Helen. Sure it has a little to do her tasty food, but I'll let you in on a little secret -- my grandma could do magic. Not with a top hat and flying pigeons, but full-on Harry Potter-type stuff. She must have been able to weave a little magic or how else could you explain what happened year in and year out at Thanksgiving? I come from a pretty large family and each year we would descend on Howard Street on the south side of Greencastle. My... Wed, 23 Nov 2011 13:22:42 -0500 The perfect Halloween costume http://www.bannergraphic.com/blogs/cainegardner/entry/44188 Gearing up for Halloween this year has been a series of stop and gos. My daughters are quick to make decisions and slow to change their minds -- that is unless it deals with what they will be for Halloween. So far, we've had ideas about zombies, princesses, Scooby, Velma, Daphne and a rock star. It seems we've settled on The Little Mermaid for my oldest and Tinker Bell for my youngest. At least that's what Mommy and Daddy have settled on so we can have a little sanity in our house. Now the... Tue, 25 Oct 2011 10:49:37 -0400 Poof! It was gone http://www.bannergraphic.com/blogs/cainegardner/entry/43974 I've seen David Copperfield do it. I've seen Chris Angel do it. Heck, I've even seen a friend or two do it, albeit not as well, but they did it nonetheless. I've always been mesmerized by magic and little did I know I was living with one of the world's greatest magicians for quite some time. This morning I woke up and decided to treat myself to an omelette after taking the kiddos to school. I broke out the eggs, a little ham and some cheese and set to work. The key to a perfect omelet is not... Thu, 13 Oct 2011 12:02:19 -0400