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Jeopardy!,' laundromats and party schools

Posted Tuesday, April 19, 2011, at 4:32 PM

Odd thoughts while wondering whatever happened to Sarunas Jasikevicius, "the next Larry Bird" ...

Did you see "Jeopardy!" displayed a "Famous Hoosiers" category the other night? What are the chances two of the five clues in the column would involve Brazil, Ind.?

One question/answer noted Brazil as the birthplace of popcorn king (or would that be kernal?) Orville Redenbacher.

The other Clay County query involved it being the birthplace of Jimmy Hoffa. That caused my wife to ask innocently enough, "Is he buried there?"

No, I assured, that would be in the end zone of the old Meadowlands Stadium, according to legend.

If they did find Hoffa buried in Clay County, now that would be a heck of a story for our sister paper, The Brazil Times, and the intrepid Jason Moon.

But back to "Jeopardy!" The ironic thing about the Hoosier category was that the returning champ that night was from Crawfordsville (coincidence? I think not). He correctly answered four of the Indiana questions but was out-buzzed on the other.

* * *

As a native of the Chicago area, I have been somewhat intrigued by the accuracy shown by the creators of the new Fox TV series "Chicago Code." But then the other night they dropped the ball.

A Chicago police unit was overheard being dispatched to "Division (Street) and Kinzie (Avenue)." That didn't sound right when I heard it, and in checking the city map, I realized why.

The two city streets both run east and west, and since Chicago is on the grid system, they never intersect.

* * *

Playboy magazine recently released its annual list of top party schools. Topping the list this year is the University of Colorado.

The good news for DePauw University and President Brian Casey is that DPU, which was ranked as the 15th best party school for 2010 according to the Princeton Review, is not on the 2011 list.

DePauw did receive one accolade in the Playboy coverage. WGRE (91.5 FM) was listed as the "Coolest College Radio Station."

Regardless it's good to know that guys are still looking at Playboy magazine for the articles.

Actually, I have always been a little suspect about Playboy and its college rankings anyway. While I was attending the University of Missouri, Playboy mentioned Ol' Mizzou one year, offering the backhanded compliment that claimed the laundromats in Columbia were the best place to meet women.

I never bought that idea. Heck, the 10 or 12 times I hung out at a Mizzou laundromat, all I got was extra starch and a pocket full of lint.

Just saying ...

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A native of Chicago and a graduate of the University of Missouri, Eric Bernsee has enjoyed residing in Greencastle for more than 25 years. Years of consuming McDonald's iced teas, Dairy Castle flurries and Marvin's GCBs have helped make him the man he is today.
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