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Did you ever wonder ...?

Posted Monday, November 7, 2011, at 3:54 PM

Did you ever wonder ... if there isn't a little Andy Rooney in all of us?

It was easy to pretend to dislike dear old Andy or to dismiss his trivial pursuits in the name of journalism. And certainly he seemed so un-cool that nobody under 50 could possibly pretend to listen a word he was saying, could they?

Yet they most certainly did -- for 33 years every Sunday night as the closing act on America's longest-running TV news magazine.

With his Oscar-the-Grouch meets Grumpy-Old-Men outlook and those bushy, bushy wild eyebrows, he was easy to lampoon.

Even the King of the Curmudgeons, who died Friday night at age 92, would agree.

"I try to look nice," he once said in one of his "60 Minutes" essays. "I comb my hair. I tie my tie. I put on a jacket. But I draw the line when it comes to trimming my eyebrows. You work with what you got."

In reality, isn't the oft-revered Jerry Seinfeld just Andy Rooney with better hair and a hipper delivery?

Just substitute "What's the deal with ..." for "Did you ever wonder ..." and see what I mean.

It's just too bad Andy never got a supporting cast like George, Elaine and Kramer.

Did you ever wonder what "60 Minutes" might do for a final act when Andy Rooney wasn't around to kick any more?

Maybe that's where Seinfeld makes his TV comeback!

Did you ever wonder if one day we would all sound like Andy Rooney?

If that is how the voice of reason is forever meant to be heard, then so be it. Let all legitimate questioning of anything and everything take on an Andy Rooney rationale (Did that sound too grouchy?).

Every once in a while, someone will tell me that something I've written sounds like Andy Rooney. While it was meant to be a compliment, it always irritates me a little. After all, I certainly wasn't some silly old grump!

Neither was Andy, of course.

And I find great irony in the fact that the very day he died, a new study was released that says people who consider themselves happy live 35 percent longer.

Pray tell then, how do we explain Andy Rooney making it those 92 long years?

Did you ever wonder ...

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If he were happier... he could have been 124!

-- Posted by gunner on Wed, Nov 9, 2011, at 2:12 PM

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