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NFL match-ups made for Indy

Posted Thursday, January 19, 2012, at 12:51 PM

When the pro football gods decided the 2012 Super Bowl would be played at Indianapolis, conventional wisdom never would have predicted the potential match-ups we have before us.

With Super Bowl Sunday just two weeks away and a couple of interesting NFL games this weekend, the match-ups are made for Indianapolis, even without the Indianapolis Colts (a 2-14 record won't get you very far).

Consider this: If San Francisco and Baltimore win this Sunday, it sets up a Harbaugh vs. Harbaugh Super Bowl on Feb. 5.

That would mean brother Jim, he of the Colts' Captain Comeback days (and an incomplete hail Mary pass short of a Super Bowl trip), and his 49ers vs. brother John, who coaches the Baltimore Ravens.

The mere fact that Baltimore is just a win away from a Super Bowl trip to Indianapolis must be poetic justice to Ravens' fans. And should Baltimore win this Sunday, you just know those TV announcers will be ready with their "start the Mayflower trucks" analogies.

The AFC match-up, remember, pits Baltimore -- which hates Indianapolis for stealing the Colts -- vs. New England and Tom Brady, who are hated by almost everyone who lives in Indy or owns a No. 18 or blue horseshoe jersey.

Of course, New England's Super Bowl opponent could very well be the New York Giants. That would mean a Manning would play quarterback for the first time in Lucas Oil Stadium this year in the Super Bowl. Of course, for Indianapolis, it would be the wrong Manning.

With the Super Bowl in Indianapolis this year, the sitcom "The Middle," which is supposedly set in western Indiana, had a little fun with it Wednesday night.

Frankie Heck (aka Patricia Heaton, the wife on "Raymond" all those years) dutifully tackles all Super Bowl-related activities, like knitting scarves that identify game day volunteers, in hopes of securing a spot a Lucas Oil Stadium for the big game.

Eventually she maneuvers out of her original assignment in the auxiliary parking lot at French Lick (funny in so many ways), and baits husband Mike (Neil Flynn, the janitor guy on "Scrubs" all those years) with the line: "Guess who's going to be in the stadium for the Super Bowl?'

"Not the Colts," Mike responds.

Honestly, I laughed out loud even though I was home alone with the dog.

Earlier Mike also got in a zinger about his dream of seeing the Colts in the Super Bowl at Indianapolis being ruined by Peyton Manning's pain in the neck. Sadly, all too true.

Speaking of ABC television shows, did you see where a new comedy is titled "GCB," which I am told does not stand for garlic cheeseburger but instead means "Good Christian Bitches"?

Something tells me the series might have had a better chance of making it if "GCB" really was about garlic cheeseburgers and late-night Marvin's deliveries. At least then it might have been something original for TV.

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A native of Chicago and a graduate of the University of Missouri, Eric Bernsee has enjoyed residing in Greencastle for more than 25 years. Years of consuming McDonald's iced teas, Dairy Castle flurries and Marvin's GCBs have helped make him the man he is today.
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