Daze Blog by Eric Bernsee http://www.bannergraphic.com/blogs/dazeblog/ en-us Sheer fun and enjoyment join madness for Beef & Boards' season opener http://www.bannergraphic.com/blogs/dazeblog/entry/68003 Ad-libs, political zingers, a dash of innuendo and a few quips about our Hoosier neighbors from Carmel to Greenwood ... What could be more fun than all that rolled into a whodunit in which the audience helps determine the culprit? And no, it wasn't Col. Mustard or Professor Plum, candlestick or not. "Shear Madness." Sheer fun. The opener of the 2017 Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre season, "Shear Madness," unfolds in a not-so-typical Indianapolis hair salon and becomes a murder mystery when the... Wed, 04 Jan 2017 16:43:10 -0500 Too much like winter ... http://www.bannergraphic.com/blogs/dazeblog/entry/67875 OK, so it's not even officially winter yet, and already I'm over it. The first day of our annual winter indignation doesn't technically arrive until next Wednesday (Dec. 21), yet here we are already talking single digits and windchills and school delays. It's our first dash of winter, and believe me, I'm scrambling. But how could it be winter already? I still have things to do. Never got my yard mowed one last time. Never got my leaves raked up (sorry if they've blown into your yard). Never... Thu, 15 Dec 2016 22:25:23 -0500 No crying in baseball? Then you're no Cub fan http://www.bannergraphic.com/blogs/dazeblog/entry/67544 Being a Chicago Cubs' fan has instilled in me several virtues over the course of my lifetime. Perseverance. Loyalty. Humility. Futility. Patience. Ah, patience. It wasn't bad enough that the baseball gods made us wait 71 years for a return to the World Series and 108 years to repeat victory there. But when the Cubs whittled all that frustration down to one single, solitary baseball game Wednesday night, they felt compelled to tax our patience even more. After seven games, after overcoming a... Thu, 03 Nov 2016 23:17:36 -0400 Well, that was fun, wasn't it?! http://www.bannergraphic.com/blogs/dazeblog/entry/66969 It's been 36 hours or so now and my feet are still moving like the music is still playing. Wow, was that a great time Saturday evening on the courthouse square or what? Like R-O-C-K in the U.S.A. good ... Crash! Boom! Bang! The seventh annual Greencastle Music Festival certainly didn't disappoint. Thank you, Gail Smith. I know she has some sponsors and some help but essentially this festival has been her baby and it keeps getting bigger and better each year. So if you haven't told her yet,... Mon, 29 Aug 2016 14:49:26 -0400 Marvin's delivers to the delivery room http://www.bannergraphic.com/blogs/dazeblog/entry/66903 Marvin's -- the Greencastle eatery that famously "delivers anywhere" -- has made some noteworthy "deliveries" over the years. There was that time students unfurled a "Marvin's delivers" sign on Red Square in Moscow and found themselves in some Cold War hot water. Eiffel Tower? Been there, done that. Grand Canyon, Grand Rapids, Grand Cayman? You betcha. Or the hundreds of Winter Term excursions in which the signs have made their way to Aruba, Jamaica and Kokomo. But none of those really... Mon, 22 Aug 2016 13:42:33 -0400 What did we learn from the Fair? http://www.bannergraphic.com/blogs/dazeblog/entry/66681 OK, so another Putnam County Fair has come and gone for another year. So what did we learn from the fair this year? We learned that the annual big gulleywasher rainstorm doesn't always come on Sunday or Monday to make the parking a muddy mess for the entire week. It came on Thursday night this time, threatening to send several cars floating away and causing the cheerleading contest to scramble inside at South Putnam. We learned that no matter what, heat is almost always a factor (the fair is... Fri, 29 Jul 2016 17:10:35 -0400 Greatest thing since sliced bread? http://www.bannergraphic.com/blogs/dazeblog/entry/66315 Once upon a time it was simple enough ordering your favorite soft drink. You had your choice between Coke and Pepsi, Dr. Pepper and 7-Up. OK, maybe Royal Crown Cola and Nehi, too. Then all that diet soda came along, followed by decaffeinated drinks and crazy flavors and Mountain Dew and now grocery stores need both sides of an entire aisle just to display all the varieties of pop. Don't look now but a similar thing is happening in the bread aisle. Where once you had a choice of wheat, white... Tue, 21 Jun 2016 13:35:17 -0400 Odds are, 'I Got a Horse Right Here ...' http://www.bannergraphic.com/blogs/dazeblog/entry/65784 My parents have been gone now for several years, but it never ceases to amaze me what can bring them right back to top of the mind for me. Of course, it's April 20 and that always makes me think of Mom. April 20 was her birthday, which I always delighted in reminding her was also the birthday of one Adolf Hitler. You know, I'd remind her, that astrology stuff is pretty accurate. Birds of a feather and all that. That all ceased to be funny when the Oklahoma City bombing occurred and Columbine... Wed, 20 Apr 2016 12:31:30 -0400 The Circle of Life moves us all http://www.bannergraphic.com/blogs/dazeblog/entry/65551 OK, all you "Lion King" fans, sing it with me ... "It's the Circle of Life And it moves us all Through despair and hope Through faith and love." Yes, life throws you some real curveballs sometimes, not to mention the occasional change-up, slider and knuckleball. None more sweeping than the recent plunge into the Circle of Life I experienced. Curiously, in a not-so-Benjamin-Button kind of way last Saturday, I experienced the Circle of Life in reverse -- from the somber nature of a... Thu, 24 Mar 2016 10:38:27 -0400 The most interesting cold in the world http://www.bannergraphic.com/blogs/dazeblog/entry/65470 Just so you all know, I don't often get sick ... but when I do, I sure wish I could blame it on Dos Equis. Yea, that certainly would be a much better cause-and-effect circumstance than what I've been dealing with the past 2-1/2 weeks. It's the ravages of the common cold, not the aftereffects of Mexican beer that have hit me hard. My head is so stuffy at times I feel like pingpong balls are jammed up my nostrils. I've coughed and coughed and coughed so long and hard, my diaphragm aches at... Mon, 14 Mar 2016 16:11:07 -0400 It happens every spring http://www.bannergraphic.com/blogs/dazeblog/entry/65262 Sure signs of signs are upon us. It's staying lighter out longer, even without arguing over daylight saving time. Locally Dairy Castle is open again, ushering in a flurry of activity destined to last until nearly Thanksgiving. And Donald Trump recently saw his shadow, predicting six more weeks of political cold fronts on the election scene. Technically spring 2016 begins a month from now, on March 20, coinciding this year with Palm Sunday. But theoretically it really begins when you hear... Sat, 20 Feb 2016 00:15:13 -0500 A real moving story http://www.bannergraphic.com/blogs/dazeblog/entry/64751 Since moving from one house on 18th Avenue to another with the same numeric address on 20th Avenue in the Chicago suburb of Broadview, Ill., I calculate I have moved eight times. Eight is enough. Believe me. More than enough. I'm finishing up Move No. 8 one Jeep Commander load at a time now from one side of Greencastle to another. There won't be another move now that I have found a quaint, little brick bungalow in the middle of town. That's it, this is home now. Getting there, however,... Mon, 04 Jan 2016 16:17:51 -0500 La-Z-Boy can sweep you off your feet http://www.bannergraphic.com/blogs/dazeblog/entry/64277 If ever a product was oh-so-perfectly named, it is the burgundy La-Z-Boy recliner that commands the corner of my living room. At the end of many a day -- and perhaps the middle of some others -- it just cradles my every sense of being, cups my body like fine, Corinthian leather and sends me off to dreamland more often than I'd like to think. Rarely do I even employ the foot rest, preferring instead to drape my legs over the armrest and take the pressure off weary knees, losers in a war... Fri, 13 Nov 2015 15:08:10 -0500 LeBron can now wear the mantle of hero http://www.bannergraphic.com/blogs/dazeblog/entry/63948 OK, let's get this out of the way right off the bat -- I've never really been much of a LeBron James fan. I'm not sure how much of that was sparked by "The Decision" when it took a TV special for LeBron to tell us he was fleeing Cleveland for Miami. Really? I'm pretty sure there are scores of Cleveland seniors who do that on their own every winter. Or perhaps it's been that I've always seen King James as a pretender to the Michael Jordan throne. The jester stealing his thorny crown, so to... Thu, 08 Oct 2015 15:08:40 -0400 This never happened to James Dean http://www.bannergraphic.com/blogs/dazeblog/entry/63678 In one of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite sitcoms, "The Big Bang Theory," the quirky cast is seated in Leonard and Sheldon's apartment, gobbling up take-out food and all finagling with their cell phones in some way. Perhaps the sanest of the group, Amy Farrah Fowler (what a great name for a trivia competition team, incidentally), finally has enough. "Can we maybe put the phones down and have an actual human conversation?" she asks. Sheldon, of course, is quick to respond. "We... Mon, 14 Sep 2015 16:20:53 -0400 Say it ain't so, Reggie http://www.bannergraphic.com/blogs/dazeblog/entry/63461 So Reggie Wayne is going to go play for the New England Patriots. Wow, man, that hurts. As much as I admire Reggie Wayne as a true professional, it amazes me that he could even consider joining the ranks of the enemy after 14 seasons fighting the good fight against them as an Indianapolis Colt. They might as well hand him a red-white-and-blue Patriot jersey and slap "Arnold" across the back. As in Benedict. For this is like Reggie Miller becoming a New York Knick. Or heaven forbid, Bob... Sun, 23 Aug 2015 23:18:55 -0400 Putnampalooza http://www.bannergraphic.com/blogs/dazeblog/entry/63277 If you aren't tapping your toes this weekend in Greencastle, you just aren't trying. After all, it's practically Putnampalooza. Consider this Friday night, Aug. 7. Music is on tap for at least five Greencastle locations. On the courthouse stage. At the VFW post on South Jackson Street. Inside the Inn at DePauw. At Bagos coffeehouse on the east side of the square. And stirring within The Swizzle Stick. We've got the music in us. Here's the rundown. The music starts at 4 p.m. Friday and will... Thu, 06 Aug 2015 18:58:25 -0400 What's in a name? http://www.bannergraphic.com/blogs/dazeblog/entry/63135 Back when I was a kid, I longed to have a typical first name. Something simple. Light and breezy. After all, my buddies were all Bobby or Billy or Tommy or Johnny. All nicknames for the likes of Robert and William and Thomas and John. But nobody ever called them by those proper names, except maybe the teachers on the first day of school each year. Yet I was always Eric. Not Rick or Ricky (although my NASCAR name is Ricky Bob, from Eric Robert). Of course, a new buddy or a girlfriend might... Fri, 24 Jul 2015 00:09:50 -0400 It's reigning cats, not dogs on the Internet http://www.bannergraphic.com/blogs/dazeblog/entry/62761 To mangle an old adage, you can't swing a dead cat these days without hitting on a cute kitten video. Yep, sad but true. And admittedly, I used to love the original cat video -- old Toonces the Driving Cat of "Saturday Night Live" fame. Usually the bit ended up with Dana Carvey uttering the running "SNL" gag's punch line, "See, I told you he could drive ... just not very well." And Toonces would invariably drive the car over a cliff, creating a real TV cat-astrophe. Ah, if only all cat... Sun, 21 Jun 2015 22:00:51 -0400 You can be a kid again with 'Peter Pan' http://www.bannergraphic.com/blogs/dazeblog/entry/62436 OK, I'll admit it, live theater has always been one of my guilty pleasures. Maybe something rubbed off on me when I sang that "Cowboy Small" solo in the Lindop School kindergarten circus program so long, long ago. Thankfully, long before YouTube videos walked this earth. Face it, live theater, especially musical theater, can be entertaining, inspiring and intriguing. But after you've sat through dozens of high school musicals, amateur theater and professional productions, your excitement for... Thu, 21 May 2015 12:10:45 -0400