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Wake me when we have a Series

Posted Wednesday, October 24, 2007, at 10:48 PM

Remember the fall classic? I remember it. The last one happened just four short years ago when the upstart Florida Marlins, with a pitcher no one had heard of called Josh Beckett, shut down the mighty New York Yankees to take the World Series in six games.

I know, I know. The World Series happens every year, but that was the last memorable one. The last three have been so one-sided it makes the average baseball fan sick.

And with the 2007 edition under way, it looks like we’re in for another snoozer. As I write, the game isn’t over, but it looks like the score is going to be eleventy billion-to-one in favor of the Red Sox. It’s not worth watching unless you’re a Boston fan...and even they have to be a little bored.

And I thought Tim McCarver and Joe Buck were the least competent people in Fenway Park Wednesday night. Turns out the Rockies are even worse.

(Don’t get me wrong, though, McCarver and Buck are still Grade A Morons. Can you tell us again how you used to catch for Bob Gibson, Tim? I never get tired of hearing that.)

Maybe we got a little spoiled there in the early part of this century. 2001 was the best series I can remember. It was a seven game classic with more rises, falls and twists than a Cedar Point ride. The Yankees and Diamondbacks were about as well matched as two teams can be in a seven-game series. As an essentially disinterested party, that one was fun.

And it ended with a walk-off hit in game seven for the D-Backs. They don’t get much better than that.

The following year, we got another seven-gamer. The Angels ultimately took it from the Giants. We got the Rally Monkey and Barry Bonds’ only trip to the game’s biggest stage.

An upstart team and one of the game’s biggest names is always fun.

And we’ve already mentioned 2003. I liked Beckett better when he wasn’t supposed to be playing so well.

What have we gotten the last three years? Complete garbage, thanks to the Cardinals, Astros and Tigers. It’s not that the teams who beat them weren’t worthy, it was just sickening to see good teams roll over like that. The Red Sox, White Sox and Cardinals (funny how you can make both sides of a list) worked hard to get their championships, but they didn’t have to work very hard in the Series itself.

To make it worse, two of the three teams came in as the favorite. When all else fails, I always go for the underdog, so I was extremely disappointed. (As a side note, the favorites who lost were my beloved Detroit Tigers. Where’s your underdog now, Jernagan? Salt in the wound. Salt in the wound.)

Fast forward to this year. I don’t know what this crap is, but the Rockies might as well go home if this is all they have.

Congratulations to the Evil Empire Jr. You are the champs. Blah, blah, blah.

Stick a fork in this season.

Only 16 weeks until pitchers and catchers report...

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Dude I am getting emails and voice mails everyday from all my retarded army friends from the east coast. These people have to be the WORST fans in the world.

-- Posted by jaredscousin on Wed, Oct 24, 2007, at 11:56 PM

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