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Why can't winter get it right?

Posted Tuesday, February 12, 2008, at 10:39 PM

I think I missed my calling.
"Drifting past the fields of snow--most of the signs say 'We're closed.' Wind gets in and chills your soul--my own North Pole."

That's one of my favorite song lyrics this time of year. It's from a little-known band called the Volebeats and it's great for driving on a winter day.

However, I haven't had to do much winter driving today. The cancellations of schools and their events saw to that.

In my job, you learn to hate this time of year for all the obvious reasons. Basketball season is hectic enough, but when you throw in all the possibilities of cancellations and rescheduled games, a world that had very little order to begin with ceases to have order at all.

For example, Saturday's boys' game between South Putnam and North Putnam had to be rescheduled twice before it could be played.

But that's just part of winter life in Indiana. We have to contend with the fact that the snow and ice will change all of our plans. We all love to complain about it, but it really doesn't change anything, does it?

We just take our shambles of a schedule and do something else -- like maybe go sledding.

But that's where I really start to take issue with the weather we've been having this winter. It hasn't been the satisfying sort of cold weather.

If the weather is bad enough that my basketball game gets cancelled, then I want to see a foot of snow on the ground.

Instead, what do I find? Some ice, a bunch of fog or nothing it all.

Don't get me wrong, I think our school systems have been right every time they've called school this winter, but I have no catharsis in a little bit of ice or fog.

If I can't do my regular job, then I don't want to do my job at all.

Give me a foot or two of snow so I can't get to work and can instead walk to the nearest hill and make a fool of myself.

Sure, I'm a little old to go sledding, but some would also say I'm a little old to still let my life revolve around sports. I have made my way through life refusing to listen to that little voice telling me to grow up.

It's worked for me so far...

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