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I quit

Posted Tuesday, August 5, 2008, at 9:52 PM

Not my job. Actually, the promise of some enjoyable high school sports in a couple weeks gets me through the abominations I'm about to discuss.

In the last week, I've watched my two favorite baseball teams trade away Hall of Fame locks.

I've watched my favorite football team make a mockery of the greatest player in its history for about a month now.

Oh, and let's not forget the mockery that a certain coach made of my favorite college hoops program, all with a cell phone.

I might be the kiss of death on any sports organization.

I'm thinking of giving up as a fan of organized athletics.

I have to admit, the two baseball trades of which I speak made sense. Junior Griffey had run his course in Cincy, and at least the guy has a chance to play in a pennant race before he hangs up the cleats.

As for the Tigers and Pudge Rodriguez, they really did need a good reliever (although they probably only got a mediocre one) and he is nearing the end of the road.

Worst of all, I have to see them playing for the White Sox and Yankees, respectively. They might as well be playing for North Korea in my book.

But all that really misses the point. When your teams aren't very good (and mine aren't), the one thing you really have to cheer for are the good guys. Junior and Pudge were and are really good guys. Long before they donned the uniforms of my favorite teams, they were among my favorite players in the league. That's because they always played hard and carried themselves with dignity.

You want to see guys like that go out with your favorite team.

And that brings us to the case of Mr. Favre and the Packers. In this very forum, I expressed my frustration with both sides. However, I basically supported the Packers because they spent their whole offseason preparing for life A.B. (After Brett). As such, his decision to return really screwed everything up.

But they have spent the last month repeatedly vilifying the man who returned Titletown to what had been an NFL backwater since the 1970s. You just don't do that.

The last straw was Tuesday when Mike McCarthy stood before the media and questioned Favre's commitment. The only reason Favre isn't wanting to come to practice is because he feels he won't get a fair shot at the job (which he won't), that he'll cause a distraction (which he will) and because he thinks Ted Thompson has been trying to get him out of town for years (which he certainly has).

If Brett isn't committed to the cause it's only because the Pack isn't committed to him.

Note to the Packers: You don't treat anyone like this, especially if he has carried your franchise for a decade-and-a-half (which he has).

And that brings us to the Hoosiers. Kelvin Sampson, may you rot in the NBA forever. Given the current situation with referees, it seems just the place for cheats like you.

Let's all just hope Tom Crean can right the ship. I think he will, eventually.

And I won't even go into the plight of Notre Dame football or Pacers basketball. It all makes me want to vomit.

My one team I can't complain about is the Detroit Red Wings. They did win the Stanley Cup last year.

But, then again, they play most of their games on Vs., which is probably a great network, if your cable company actually carries it.

Thanks a lot, Comcast.

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Vs. is good. 602 on DirecTV for lots and lots of Cage Fighting.

And I am sorry, I am a Colts fan but McCarthy should have never said what he said last night about Favre.

-- Posted by johnny1010 on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 7:20 AM

Don't be so upset that you ditch the hat.

-- Posted by GRNT on Fri, Aug 15, 2008, at 11:35 AM

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