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Just stop and think

Posted Thursday, May 20, 2010, at 11:12 AM

We all have a thousand little things we do every day without thinking first.

Some of them are pretty harmless. We turn on the water and wash our hands without consciously thinking about which knob is hot and which is cold. We just know about how much to turn each one.

Others are perhaps a bit less benign, like things involved in driving our cars. How many of us really think about the various processes that go along with simply driving a car around town? We've done it for years, right?

I guess that kind of thinking can come back to bite you.

For me, the big problem is, apparently, not looking as I back up in my driveway. Of course, I look before I back into the street, but that first 20 feet or so is usually no problem. My wife and I almost always park beside each other, and there are generally no other impediments to getting out of the driveway.

Until Sunday.

Through a series of events that rarely align, I ended up parked in front of Nicole. When we came home from church, I parked her car closer to the edge of the driveway to give myself room to get around. It would be simple to just turn the wheel a bit and get around her.

I got my stuff together and walked to my car. As I did, I noticed how they were parked and thought, "Oh yeah, I will have to back around her car. Should be simple enough."

Apparently, I got distracted. I sat down in the car, started it, popped a CD in the player and back straight up.

I stopped abruptly after a few feet.

The damage was merely cosmetic to our bumpers, but it remains a black eye on each car. It is a reminder of what an idiot I can be.

My wife was, understandably, upset. I considered staying home a little longer to try and make her feel better, when I realized I was the problem here, not the solution. It was best to just continue on to work.

I think she's over it now, but she does have a better working knowledge of exactly what a bonehead I can be. That could be helpful in the future.

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