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Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2016

Someday he'll understand ... I hope

Posted Thursday, January 20, 2011, at 11:39 AM

So why does it take a person the biggest part of a week to write a reaction to his favorite team ousting the No. 1 seed in the NFC by an astounding margin of 48-21? Call it shock.

But the most memorable thing about the Packer victory to our family didn't happen in the Georgia Dome Saturday night, but right here in Greencastle.

With the game tied at 14 late in the second quarter, my son was beginning to get hungry for supper. I held out until James Jones made an impressive touchdown catch with 42 seconds until halftime to push the lead to 21-14.

At that time, I felt comfortable to proceed with the feeding. I thought that, at worst, there might be a field goal attempt for the Falcons. That seemed pretty uneventful, so I knew I had time to feed him without distraction.

A couple of Packer penalties moved the Falcons downfield. They even threatened briefly before a sack took them back to second and 19 at the Packer 35.

I was looking down, feeding Miles a mixture of Gerber oatmeal and carrots when I heard Tramon Williams had intercepted another pass. I looked up to see him run through the scrambling Falcon offense.

As his 70-yard return developed, I slowly stood up, with my cheers growing to all-out screams of "Go, go, GOOOOO!!!!" My parents and wife were cheering along with me.

But the moment was lost on Miles, who was sitting in his high chair with his back was to the television and -- more importantly -- is not yet six months old. He only knew that Daddy was yelling and may or may not have been angry. Additionally, the other adults present seemed to also be participants in this madness.

I looked down and saw unbridled fear in his eyes. When I said to him, "It's OK, buddy," he proceeded to cry. Loudly.

The event drew a mixture of laughter and comforting words from around the room.

However, Nicole and I are blessed with a baby who doesn't tend to cry for long. After a few seconds, he settled down.

I only hope someday I can explain this one to him and he'll see the humor in it.

Of course, after a few moments of peace, the crying resumed, but this time it was anger in his cries. It had, after all, been a whole 45 seconds since his last spoonful of deliciousness.

This kid thinks with his stomach. It must be genetic.

I almost forgot. Here's a quick tour of my picks for conference championship Sunday.
Bears over Packers
Not much to say here except I've picked against my boys twice and they've won both games. Superstitious? Who, me?
Also, Olsen scares me from the tight end position.
Steelers over Jets
Trevor Pryce -- who is 6-5, 290 lbs. -- compared tackling Ben Roethlisberger to tackling a polar bear. Agreed. Steelers in a close one as the polar bear roars.

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