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It was almost Frank Reich-ian

Posted Tuesday, January 31, 2012, at 2:47 PM

(Unfortunately, almost doesn't count.)

As one of my former colleagues told in a blog last fall, the news staff here at the Banner Graphic enjoys the Monday night live trivia games at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Staff changes, the holidays, sick kids, changing works schedules and killjoy significant others have stopped or limited the fun for the past month or so, but we were back in action on Monday.

And we were absolutely atrocious.

First of all, the questions were either out of our league or not in our areas of expertise. Those are just the breaks of the game.

Besides this, though, we weren't good on coin flip questions either. For example, we knew the Crimean Peninsula was in either the Baltic Sea or the Black Sea.

We (incorrectly) went with Baltic.

For some reason, though, we hung around. Everyone was struggling and we have had an uncanny knack for hitting the final question of the night -- which can gain or lose you as many as 20 points.

And so, when the final question was about sports, we felt good. Trailing the leaders by 19 points, we risked 20 and got it right.

So then the MC came over the mic and said there was a three-way tie for first so there would be one last question for the three teams.

How many movies did John Wayne make in his career?

We knew it was a ridiculous number, so we reasoned it out and decided to go with 73. Not even close.

In his long career, the Duke made something in excess of 150 movies. (I don't remember the exact answer and internet answers are all over the board.)

That's a lot of films, Pilgrim.

All that added up to us placing second. Not bad for almost going home at halftime and saying several times this was our worst performance ever.

Also, if anyone is interested in answering the 20-point question we hit, here it is.

Put the following sports icons in order according to their years of birth, from oldest to youngest.
A. Joe Montana
B. Wayne Gretsky
C. Earvin "Magic" Johson
D. Nolan Ryan

I don't have a prize to hand out, but if you can answer it right without visiting another web page, pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

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