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Hey there, Little Red Riding Hood

Posted Tuesday, September 25, 2012, at 10:24 AM

We Green Bay Packers fans aren't known for being levelheaded when it comes our team.

With that said, I will keep my comments about Monday night brief. I am deeply disappointed in the call and in the referees for -- I feel -- handing the game to the Seahawks.

I hope it doesn't end up costing the Pack big time at year's end.

I am also disappointed, however, with the Packers for being in position to lose a game in which the opponents mustered only 14 points. They seem to have fixed the defense but what happened to that feared offense?

But that's enough of that talk. I don't have anymore to say because I didn't watch the game. While I love my favorite team, I love my family more, and I made the decision yesterday to spend the evening with my family.

Even if I had missed a great Packer victory, it wouldn't regret it because we had a great night.

Nicole and I got home at about the same time, and after our babysitter had departed, the three of us went outside for a round of golf. Not real golf, mind you, but with the plastic set Miles got last Christmas.

As much as the two of us tried to show the little man how to address the ball and swing the club, he wanted no part of it.

Cole and I hit the little plastic balls around the yard for a while Miles took to throwing the ball, toting the little golf bag around and being very possessive about his putter.

He also led us from the front yard, to the back yard for a while and then back to the front yard. Apparently we played the front nine, the back nine and the front nine again.

I hope management doesn't find out and charge us extra greens fees.

Back in the house Miles was ready for the nap he never took Monday afternoon. While he slept, Cole and I booked a vacation for our fifth anniversary, which is coming up in November.

As little man was waking back up, we ordered our supper so that no one had to spend part of family night cooking.

A couple dozen chicken wings and a phone call to Grandma later, we were on to the real highlight of the night -- two hours of singing along with our newly discovered karaoke on demand cable channel.

Miles had mixed reactions at first, enjoying it when Mommy sang "Take Me In Your Arms" but leaving the room when Daddy sang "Santa Monica." Apparently the kid isn't in to '90s music.

But his favorite of the night had to be when we sang the Sam the Sham & the Pharoahs classic "Li'l Red Riding Hood." I figured he would love the howling, but he also picked up on some of the lyrics.

Even this morning, he was walking around the house saying "You sure, sure looking good."

I hope the boy ends up with a better singing voice than mine, but he certainly seems to have my knack for remembering lyrics. I figure that memory will serve him well.

What could be a better evening than that? I can't imagine too many things. I'm certainly glad I didn't spend four hours on a game only to be angry at the end.

For me, part of being a sports fan is the reprieve it provides from the concerns of everyday life. As it turned out on Monday, real life was a welcome reprieve from being a sports fan.

Thank you, Nicole and Miles, for a great evening.

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