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London you have stolen my heart

Posted Friday, July 27, 2012, at 4:21 PM

There's a lot to love about London. There's even more to love now that they will be hosting the Olympic Games, which begin today.

After spending four months in London it's easy to see why so many come back to America just to be desperate to go back across the pond.

The art, the culture, pub life and just the pure beauty of the architecture around you a are especially fond memories that I've kept with me.

Here's why I love London more than any other city:

Red telephone booths: Although, most people now have cell phones (or mobiles) there is nothing like seeing and using a payphone in one of those famous red telephone booths. They not only make for the trademark touristy photo, but they are an art in themselves.

Double Decker Buses: There is no feeling in the world than riding in your first double decker bus. Sitting high above street level not only reminds me of the Spice Girls movie, but it makes you feel like you are floating on air. It's a birds-eye view of the city. I've had so many conversations and met so many awesome and crazy Londoners on those buses.

Pub Culture: Not only was my trip to London amazing because I could legally drink at the prime age of 20, but the pub culture in London something to take part in. Not only are the pubs filled around noon each day, but the atmosphere is much more relaxed. In America everyone is always in a hurry and so serious about work. In London, they understand how to take some time to relax.

Travel is so easy: During my time in London, I made it a priority to see as much of the country as I could. Although, I did not succeed as much as I would have liked, traveling the country by train was so cheap and easy. For only 10 pounds being able to travel to the seaside for the weekend or just a day trip was so much fun. Here in America (granted we're much bigger) it's not so cheap or very quick. Even just taking the famous Tube around London was so exciting. Who doesn't love that famous 'Mind the Gap' line after getting on and off each time.

Year-round Cadbury Crème Eggs: It's been too long since my last trip to London, but when I was there, the Brits seem to take for granted their access to the-best-chocolate-treat-ever-invented. Cadbury Crème Eggs were a staple in our diets when we first arrived in London. It was so exciting that no matter what month or day it was, we could always purchase a Cadbury Crème Egg. Having Cadbury Crème Eggs available for consumption at any time is one of the things I miss most about London.

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