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Tales of a 20-something living on her own for the first time

Posted Thursday, January 3, 2013, at 11:12 AM

With college graduation and my first big girl job came another first, living on my own without a roommate.

Now, I do quite enjoy my apartment, but there are several things that I will never get used to. One being bugs, I cannot stand how big the spiders are. Also, the amount of bugs that seem to crawl into my house that I have never seen before, for example a camelback cricket, which scared me to death when I saw it.

I also pretty much do not go outside at night for fear of being sprayed by a skunk as they love to hang out below my porch as well in the warmer months, bugs.

That being said, I am also learning to become more "domesticated" as far as learning to cook. I am finally mastering some of my mother's recipes, which I love. I'm slowly becoming Betty Homemaker. But, as I learned last week I have not yet mastered the art of cooking pizza rolls.

A late night at work called for a quick snack when I got home. However, the universe had other plans as I fell asleep, leaving the pizza rolls to cook for nearly five hours.

Now, as you can imagine the smell was quite terrible. What scared me more was the lack of smoke alarms going off. By the looks of the pizza rolls, they were more like pieces of charcoal instead of a tasty treat.

So, I spent two days with every window in my house open and very little heat. At night I would layer on clothes along with several blankets to keep warm as the house aired out.

The smell itself was an instant headache. Nothing I did seem to work. I tried every idea I could find via Google. I had the smell of candles, air freshener, lemon juice, vinegar and vanilla all going on at once. It was terrible.

It also managed to seep itself into all my furniture and clothing. So, after spending nearly $60 on cleaning supplies on Saturday, I spent the day and night washing every single item of clothing with vinegar along with washing all my walls and counters with vinegar and water.

Although, my apartment is now the cleanest it has been since I moved in, I have learned my lesson. Never ever cook while tired.

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