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US Army Corps of Engineers, 100% Draft Cecil M. Harden Lake Master Plan - Open House #2 When: Wednesday, 10/5/16. 3:00-7:00 pm Where: Bellmore Fire Department Meeting Room 7020 E US Highway 36 Rockville, IN 47872 This meeting is a continuation of the first Open House held on 8/29/16. The intent of this Open House is to provide an update to the public about the Army Corps of Engineers', Cecil M. Harden Lake Master Plan Project. There will be a 30 minute recap presentation of the objectives of the master plan and the open house itself starting at 3pm, followed by public/informal discussion and comments until 7pm. All comments will be recorded. Members of the public have the opportunity to record their own comments on the Army Corps of Engineers, Cecil M. Harden Lake web site by emailing up to one week following the Open House.