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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

For Paris' sake?

Monday, June 11, 2007

It doesn't surprise me that Paris Hilton is all over the news, still. She's been the highlight of many stories to run through E! Entertainment and the like on T.V. Tabloids love her, paparazzi love her, and the media in general love her.

But do we really love her? Or do we just love the concept of her?

It has come to my attention over the past couple of days the true opinion and reponse of American majority over the Paris scandal. And this has happened in a few ways. I was watching the opening segment to the MTV Movie Awards where host Sarah Silverman totally bashed Paris while she sat in the audience. Paris attempted a grin each time she knew the camera was bearing down on her, but her true feelings couldn't help be exposed to comments by Silverman in regards to how much Paris likes male genitalia.

But despite how much Paris disliked the comments, the audience went crazy with applause at every snide comment Silverman made. And, oh, there were about five of them. In my personal opinion, that's the most, and the rudest, comments I've heard about anybody, especially a celebrity, at the MTV Movie Awards.

So, that allows me to draw some conclusions. First of all, Hollywood hates Ms. Hilton. There is no support there what-so-ever. According to The Associated Press, other celebrities, even her partying pals, are remaining "mum" about Paris going to jail. They even used the metaphor of Paris being made in a microwave instead of a crock pot. In other words, hard-working celebrities do not believe Paris is a true, worthy celebritiy, and thus does not deserve Hollywood's support.

Second, regular American citizens aren't on her side, either. Why? I'm not entirely sure. Perhaps for the same reasons. But it's been proven to me a few ways that Americans, especially younger people, are overjoyed when it's mentioned Paris is in jail. In fact, the Conan O'Brien show did a spoof where Conan announced that he had never gained such an audience response to one sentence like he had when he said, "Paris Hilton is in jail." After saying it, the audience applauded for so long, Conan "had time" to walk out of the studio, buy a paper, get his shoes shined, and check his hair.

When I was watching Paris go back to court last Friday, I was amazed with how much America was eating this up. It could have been because I was watching Fox News. But I did check USA Today online, as well as CNN.com, and there were featured, highlighted Paris stories on those Web sites, as well.

Ok, so America doesn't like her. Fooled me, up until now anyway. I mean, her books sold well, her CD sold relatively well...what else? Where are her fans now?

The poor girl was so upset over her trial, too. Did you see those pictures of her crying once she was put into the cop car? I think it's hitting her that life isn't just one big party, and, no, not everybody thinks she's a deserving princess.

I guess she will have plenty of time to dwell on this. Let's hope something comes from it.