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Bretscher and Case lead the way in 16th annual Rokicki Memorial 5K

Friday, July 6, 2007

The annual Celebrate "4" Celebration in Greencastle began with a perfect morning for an early run/walk through the streets of Greencastle. Over 80 registrants participated in the Mike Rokicki Memorial 5K Run/Walk, the 16th annual Independence Day morning foot race, consisting of a 5K road run and 5K walk organized by the Greencastle Parks and Recreation Department. This year's events played host to contestants from as far away as Missouri, Illinois, Minnesota and Virginia, who took to the streets covering the 3.1-mile route.

In the 5K Race divisions, Daniel Bretscher, 23, Greencastle, claimed the "5K Run Men's Champion" title with a time of 15:59; while 19-year-old Alison Case from Greencastle captured the "5K Run Women's Champion" title with a time of 19:48.

In the 5K Walk divisions, "5K Walk Women's Champion" title goes out to Liliana Galich from Greencastle with a time of 38:00. The "5K Walk Men's Champion" was awarded to Jerry Rud, Greencastle, with a time a 55:30.

Congratulations to these fleet-footed individuals, and thank you to the Rokicki Foundation, Phyllis Rokicki and family for sponsoring this year's kickoff to Greencastle's Annual Independence Day Celebration. The Parks and Recreation Department would also like to thank all the participants and volunteers who played an important role in making this year's 5K road run a success.

The Greencastle Parks and Recreation Department would like to extend an early invitation to everyone for next year's 17th Annual Mike Rokicki Memorial 5K Road Run/Walk.

Mike Rokicki Memorial 5K Run/Walk

5K run

Men's winner -- Daniel Bretscher (Greencastle) 15:59

Women's Winner -- Alison Case (Greencastle) 19:48

Men's 19-younger -- Camron Humphreys (Greencastle) 18:37, Matt Dirlam (Mooresville) 19:49, Matthew Marley (West Lafayette) 20:07, C.J. Wampler (Monrovia) 20:29, Carter Lewis (Greencastle) 23:37, Abe Anglin (Roachdale) 25:10, Jed Anglin (Roachdale) 25:59, Kyle Buchanan (Greencastle) 26:34, Paul Heithaus (Greencastle) 28:43, Cy Spencer (Greencastle) 30:34, Jacob Dwigans (Greencastle) 31:54, Ichiro Mozawa (Greencastle) 36:04

Men's 20-29 -- Bretscher 15:59, Michael Lutz (Greencastle) 17:49, Roger Britton (Greenwood) 20:39, Jake Gross (Greencastle) 21:12, Bart Cassada (Greencastle) 24:12, Charlie Lee (Cloverdale) 29:07, Clint Anglin (Greencastle) 30:02

Men's 30-39 -- Craig Tuggle (Greencastle) 18:48, Jamie Hubbard (Cloverdale) 23:05, Mark Timm (Bainbridge) 24:39, Mike Schimpf (Greencastle) 25:20, Scott Spiegelberg (Greencastle) 25:32, Chris Williamson (Greencastle) 25:33, Joe Tucker (Greencastle) 33:39, Art Dwigans (Greencastle) 36:11

Men's 40-49 -- Mike Lozano (Brownsburg) 20:07, Pat Babington (Greencastle) 20:16, Jeff Sigworth (Greencastle) 20:16, Chris Geering (St. Louis) 22:18, Bradley Marley (West Lafayette) 23:03, Lelly Lewis (Greencastle) 23:13, Kenny Grimes (Virginia Beach, Va.) 23:21, Ron Clodfelter (Greencastle) 24:19, Greg Ber (Terre Haute) 24:29, Gary Bowser (Greencastle) 25:19, Jay Albright (Greencastle) 26:03, Roy Buchanan (Greencastle) 32:21, Bart Spencer (Greencastle) 26:17, Mark Canfield (Cloverdale) 27:46, Toshiyuki Mozawa (Greencastle) 29:30, Kevin Grimes (Maple Grove, Minn.) 30:04, Roy Buchanan (Greencastle) 32:21

Men's 50-older -- Jeff McCall (Greencastle) 20:31, Joe Liechty (Greencastle) 21:00, Rick Deer (Greencastle) 22:44, Carl Huffman (Greencastle) 23:19, Lee Stewart (Cloverdale) 24:03, Joe Baumann (Greencastle) 27:15, John Schlotterbeck (Greencastle) 28:14

Women's 19-younger -- Case 19:48, Amanda Meyer (Greenwood) 20:38, Quincey McNells (Monrovia) 23:22, Sara Culler (Greencastle) 23:40, Hannah Corder (Gosport) 26:54, Marisa Lozano (Brownsburg) 27:11, Jasmine Dwigans (Greencastle) 27:27, Hannah Deer (Greencastle) 30:42

Women's 30-39 -- Amy Bennington (Greencastle) 24:29, Micki Strunk (Spencer) 26:38, Jenny Heithaus (Greencastle) 28:12, Angie Weeks (Greencastle) 28:44, Cathy Merrell (Greencastle) 28:55, Wendy Jackson (Cloverdale) 29:06, Marie Neumann (Greencastle) 30:38, Lottie Barcus (Greencastle) 37:16

Women's 40-49 -- Gina Ames (Fillmore) 27:25, Cindy Babington (Greencastle) 28:54, Jane Lozano (Brownsburg) 31:03, Sheri Tucker (Greencastle) 33:38

Women's 50-59 -- Janet Musser (Greencastle) 26:18

5K Walk

Women's winner -- Liliana Galich (Greencastle) 38:00

Men's winner -- Jerry Rud (Greencastle) 55:30

Women's 30-39 -- Tina Williamson (Greencastle) 46:24

Women's 50-older -- Galich 38:00, Trudy Goodpaster (Fillmore) 38:48, Linda Wallace (Coatesville) 50:25, Ann Michael (Des Plaines, Ill.) 55:48

Men's 50-older -- Rud 55:30, J.B.Michael (Greencastle) 55:40

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