Major Moves assigns $1.2 million to county

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

During the next few years, several roads crossing through Putnam County will get a facelift.

On Monday, the state government officially announced its updated version of the Major Moves Plan.

The updated version is the first 10-year plan and officials from the Putnam County Development Center hope to add another road to the list. The projects are scheduled to begin this year and conclude in 2015.

Putnam County entities will receive an estimated total of $1.2 million for local road projects during a two-year period.

The county is scheduled to receive $1,000,700 during the two-year period while the City of Greencastle will receive $136,200. Other allocations include $31,000 to Cloverdale, $13,500 to Roachdale, $10,300 to Bainbridge, $7,600 to Fillmore, and $4,700 to Russellville.

Bill Dory of the Greencastle/ Putnam County Development Center said the distribution of the amounts may vary based on road mileage, vehicle registration and population. He said 50 percent of the money is expected to be distributed by Oct. 15, 2006, and the remaining 50 percent will be distributed in 2007.

By comparison, the counties with the toll road will receive from $15-$40 million in special allocations.

Since Gov. Mitch Daniels announced the Major Moves Plan, several items have changed. In the released updated version, officials from the Indiana Department of Transportation announced that 50 additional projects were added, and some projects were reclassified from new construction to major preservation.

Two areas of road is scheduled to receive work beginning this year.

Work is scheduled to begin this year on Interstate 70, from the Clay-Putnam County Line to Ind. 267. According to government reports, the estimated cost for work on the area of road is $927,000. Additional work on I-70 will begin in 2009 less than one mile west of the bridge over Birch Creek to an area less than one mile west of U.S. 231. The estimated cost for this project is $8,869,743.

The pavement preservation of the area of I-70 if part of 18 scheduled projects this year at an estimated cost of $205,819,000. Five of the scheduled projects are at various areas along the interstate.

In addition, Ind. 42 is scheduled to be resurfaced less than one mile west of the Owen County line to U.S. 231. The estimated cost for the resurfacing is $1,087,200 million.

Ind. 240 is also scheduled for major work in 2011 from 4.25 miles east of U.S. 231 to Ind. 75 at an estimated cost of $6,345,095.

The Ind. 240 project is one of 25 projects scheduled for 2011 at an estimated cost of $374,717,579.

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