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Board tables votes

Friday, August 4, 2006

Two businesses approached the Cloverdale Plan Commission on Thursday, asking for special exceptions, and neither received a favorable vote.

Representatives from both Trivett's Auto Service and Discount Tire approached the board at its monthly meeting Thursday, hoping to be granted special exceptions in order to continue doing business.

However, both issues were tabled by the commission.

Rob Trivett approached the board first, asking for a special exception to be allowed to operate a wrecker service within the limits of Cloverdale to bring vehicles to his shop in order to be repaired.

After perusing his special exception papers, Board President Jerry Acrea asked Trivett if he had a proper towing license and a Indiana Department of Transportation number, which is a required state law in order to operate a tow truck. Tow truck drivers have to have a DOT number showing the amount of weight they can tow or where they can travel to tow vehicles.

Several people in the audience said that Trivett did not have the proper license or towing number, but board attorney Karen Temple said she believed the commission was not responsible for that.

Still, when Acrea asked for a motion, no one made one.

"I'd really like to see what the board has done in the past," board member John Davis said.

Acrea then declared the motion had to be tabled until further notice.

"I hate to do this," he said to Trivett. "We'll just have to get back to you."

Trivett asked is he could still tow vehicles, to which Acrea responded no.

However, Acrea then motioned for the special exception himself, but was unable to get a second.

Discount Tire representative Jeff Everman then approached the board, asking for a special exception to operate a wrecker service and storage lot.

Acrea was concerned about Everman's application, which stated he would use his lot as an "impound lot." Acrea told him that would have to be changed immediately, and Everman agreed, changing it at the meeting.

Acrea then asked about a possible time limit for Everman to put up a fence around the property, which he said he planned to start on Monday. He said the fence would be approximately 6-feet high.

Board member Mark Cassida, however, was concered about the tires on the property, saying several of them were filled with water.

"You have about 1,000 used tires at that location, about 999 of them have water in them," Cassida said.

Cassida continued saying the tires should be cleaned due to fear of the West Nile virus, and because that many used tires could be a fire hazard.

"I think it's important that you clean that up," Acrea agreed.

Everman said he would clean up the area.

Still, Cassida said he wanted to see the area cleaned up prior to voting on the special exception.

"I don't have a problem with the fence, but I do agree with Mark," Davis added. "I would like to see the tires cleaned up."

Everman, however, asked what that had to do with the special exception he was asking for.

"What does one thing have to do with the other," he said.

Several people in the audience again expressed concerns, saying the area had looked bad for quite some time and they wanted it cleaned up as well.

After hearing several complaints from people in the audience, Acrea said if the special exception was granted with a timetable, and the area was not taken care of by the conclusion of the time, the board would shut down the business.

Temple added the plan commission was not necessarily responsible for those kinds of situations.

Cloverdale resident Jim Steele, who owns and operates Steele's Auto, currently the only towing service in Cloverdale, approached the board saying he had filed a nusiance complaint on the business. But Temple said those kind of items would be presented to the Town Council and then to the town attorney.

"I think this board just wants to be very careful," she said.

"I agree, but I think we need to look at the best interest in the town," Davis said, referring to the tires.

"We don't really have any jurisdiction on his tires," Acrea responded.

Acrea asked for a motion, which no one would give. He then asked for a motion for the special exception to be tabled, which Davis made. Cassida gave the second and the board 3-1 in favor of tabling the issue, with Acrea voting no.

The board meets regularly on the first Thursday of each month.

Its next meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m., Sept. 7.

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