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6-month sentence issued in Reelsville Water theft case

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

A former Reelsville Water Authority treasurer has been sentenced to six months in jail for theft charges.

But, Larry Sanders has been allowed 60 days to return home to take care finances before reporting to serve his sentence.

Putnam County Superior Judge Robert Lowe on Wednesday issued a six-month sentence to 61-year-old Larry Wayne Sanders, now a resident of Richmond Hill, Ga. With good-time credit, Sanders could be released after his first three months in jail.

Sanders had been charged with stealing $29,400.25 from the water authority during his time as treasurer from 2003-05.

Water Authority President Phil Butt told Judge Lowe that Sanders was a victim of loss of income and he had only taken the money as a spur of the moment type of thing.

Butt also said that Sanders would never do it again, and that he had repaid all the money he took.

"He has admitted his guilt, and he"s very shameful," Butt said. "I would like to see him not get time."

Indiana State Police Sgt. Scott Stockton informed Lowe that Sanders had control of the payroll checkbooks, and he would write himself checks while writing a company name on the tracking ledger. That made it look like the checks were going to the company, but the money was going to Sanders.

"I would not consider it (the theft) to be spur of the moment," Det. Stockton said. "Nineteen months is a pretty lengthy time."

Sanders did not ask any questions of Stockton or Butt. He explained to Lowe that he was nervous. Instead of speaking in his own defense, Sanders provided Lowe with a letter that included his statement.

Sanders said he knew what he did was wrong and that he just wants to move on.

"I made some foolish errors," Sanders said about the way he handled things.

After issuing the sentence, Lowe asked Sanders if he was prepared to go to jail. Sanders replied that he was not and that he needed 60 days to take care of issues at home. These issues include taking care of finances and finding a place for his wife to stay while he is in jail.

Prosecutor Tim Bookwalter suggested allowing only 30 days and having Sanders sign a waiver of extradition as an agreement to return in the allotted time.

Judge Lowe granted Sanders his 60-day request if the defendant signed the waiver.

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