'Main Event' hits 15th year

Saturday, March 11, 2006

On Friday, Russ Hesler hosted his TZ "Main Event" wrestling match for the 15th consecutive year.

In 1991, Hesler took time to start up an AAU like wrestling club for younger kids, so they would know what wrestling is like so when they get into middle school and high school they would knew if they wanted to wrestle.

"These kids are playing little league baseball, football and basketball, so why not have a little league wrestling for them to," Hesler said. "This way the kids get a taste and see if they like or not."

Hesler isn't alone in this either. Many of his high school wrestlers and assistant coaches help out with the coaching and staffing of matches. Hesler even goes through and gets all the wrestlers there own uniform and medals for their matches.

"I try to put all money from this back into this and any other wrestling program that needs it," Hesler said.

This year Hesler had 12 student wrestlers two seniors who helped the younger generation of wrestlers.

Hesler's work hasn't gone unnoticed. Each year more and more local businesses chip in and help sponsor the wrestling event ranging from family own businesses to major food chain restaurants in the community.

Hesler makes sure that everyone who helps gets something back in return and his payment is the satisfaction of seeing some of the young wrestlers grow and mature into stronger wrestlers.

"There has been a lot of wrestlers that have gone through this program and not all of them have been great but they were all good wrestlers," Hesler said.

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