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Town to consider street repair options, dog issues

Friday, November 10, 2006

Patching streets and dog ordinances captured the attention of the Bainbridge Town Council during its meeting Wednesday night.

Brian Dickehut from Equipment Marketing Co., Cloverdale, came to talk about using a street patching machine the company provides to patch potholes, alligator cracks, shoulder failures and other common road repairs.

The family-run business sells and services the street patching machines. Three years ago, the business started contracting out the machines for smaller communities that cannot justify the purchase of the machine.

"The contracting opens up for smaller communities to get the benefits, but not have spend the money," Dickehut said.

The company will come to the town for $2,000 a day with a tank of oil, the truck, two people and town only has to be provide is a tri-axle load of stone.

There is no prep work, no clean up of the area necessary and they lay down a permanent waterproof liquid form patch that is guaranteed for a year. Dickehut said he went around the around the town and repaired a couple of spots to demonstrate the machine and patch to Utility Supt. Jim Nelson.

Dickehut suggested the council try it for a day before the winter freeze sets in and to contact the company's reference contacts to learn more about the company.

The council decided to research the idea more before a decision was made. They will look at what needs to be fixed and how much money they have in the budget.

Town Marshal Rodney Fenwick and town attorney Laurie Robertson Hardwick informed the council that the town all ready had an ordinance on dogs running at large. The ordinance states, "All owners of dogs within the Town of Bainbridge, Indiana, who permit their dogs to run at large beyond the property of such owner, without being on leash shall be subject to a fine ..."

Fenwick said he is wanting to update the current ordinance and increase the fines. The current fines are $15 for first offense, $25 for the second and $50 for the third.

Hardwick said that county is updating its dog ordinance and increased the fines up to $150 for the third offense.

Council President Mike Smith asked Fenwick how much it costs the town to impound the dogs Fenwick and his deputies pick up. Cost of impounding the animals is around $15.

"So if you or Mike (Mahoy) or whoever has to take a dog down there (the Humane Society), we have $15 to get them checked in, plus your time and everything else," said Smith. "I don't really think $15 is justifying the trip done there."

Fenwick said he would prefer the fines be increased to $50 for the first offense, $100 for the second and $150 for the third.

The violators would pay town clerk-treasurer Jason Hartman after receiving a ticket from Fenwick or his deputies. They have up to 30-days after the ticket was received to pay. If they do not pay, they will be taken to court under a civil complaint.

Hardwick said she would take a look at the county's new ordinance and will provide a draft for the next council meeting.

In other business, the council:

* Approved accepting the scope of services from Hannum, Wagle and Cline Engineering Firm contingent upon the successful awarding of grant and upon agreement between the two parties including deadline. The price given was $2,000, plus $1,000 for a grant writer. The town has match 10 percent, or $2,200, and the grant request is $19,800. The next step is filling out the application.

* Learned from Nelson that the ball diamond is too wet to work on the park water drainage issue.

* Learned from Fenwick that the radars for the new car were shipped and should come in by the end of the week. The ones the manufacture sent were not functioning. Fenwick said if the radars did not arrive by Monday, he was calling to get their money back. The council asked Fenwick to provide estimates to fix the dent in the old car.

* Learned quick deed for Church Street is finally complete and has been turned over to the town.

* Learned that Hardwick, Nelson, Fenwick and Hartman will be having a meeting to go over the employee handbook on Monday, Nov. 13 at noon.

* Asked if the town had contractors to come and take care of the issues throughout the community building. Hartman informed the council that yes they had contractor coming out to fix the window sills and other little issues throughout the building. The issue of cleaning the floors was brought to the council's attention, and are considering looking into hiring a professional crew to take care of the issue.

Because the building is half owned by the town and by the business department, Smith said he would attend the business department's next meeting and asked if they could help with the costs.

The next regularly scheduled meeting is set for Wednesday, Dec. 13 at 7 p.m. in the community building. This meeting is open to the public.

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