Work continues on mobile command unit

Friday, December 8, 2006

Two county agencies had hoped to apply the finishing touches to a unified mobile command center during Thursday's meeting.

But without enough members to hold a quorum, members of the Local Emergency Planning Committee and Emergency Management Agency boards discussed other issues concerning the mobile center.

Bainbridge Fire Chief Mike Smith informed Greencastle Fire Chief Bill Newgent, Putnam County Public Health Coordinator Steve Walters and EMA director Kim Hyten that the command center is almost complete.

Hyten told Newgent and Walters that Smith had some forms for the board to fill out for a grant that would complete the outfitting of the command center.

Smith said there are some final wanted items that the command center does not need, but those who will be using it would like to have. One such wanted item was awnings for the front and the back of the command center.

These awnings would help protect workers from rain and 90 degree heat. Smith said he was looking at purchasing one 10 foot and one 12 foot awning for $1,500.

Walters asked Smith what else the command center needed, which he replied he was not sure because the list was in the vehicle.

Smith informed Newgent, Walters and Hyten that the printer/copier was up and running, but he was not sure how workers would receive faxes yet.

Newgent asked Hyten if he had any more information about the map/poster printer and if there was funding for it.

The board had looked into purchasing a map/poster printer for the command center. After comparing prices from Century Business Products in Indianapolis, Hyten believes that the Prolmage Plus3000 Cirriculum Map Maker printer is a good choice. This printer will print both 17 and 23 inch paper sizes and will come in its own case. The cost of this printer is $5,594.

Hyten discussed the possibility of using one of the grants for equipment to purchase the printer.

Newgent said that the printer was "a nice piece of equipment for the command center." A printer like this would especially help emergency crews when maps are needed and the courthouse is closed.

The board will meet again at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 1 at the courthouse annex to discuss and vote on December's agenda items.

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