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Roachdale residents rage against mobile homes

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Trailers were still the hot topic at the Roachdale Town Council meeting Tuesday evening.

Several town residents turned up to argue against allowing any more mobile homes to go up in Roachdale, but council members Bill Long, Jack Jones and Barbara Scott's hands are tied until a new ordinance is written.

Currently there is no zoning against mobile homes in the town. The current ordinance, which is more than 30 years old, allows one trailer to be placed on a single lot that is 150 feet by 50 feet.

Local resident Gregory Cram spoke to the council pleading with them to revamp the current ordinance and prevent more trailers from going up in town. His mother's home is located near several trailers that have been allowed on lots including one controversial variance last month.

Cram told the board that mobile homes cannot contribute to the tax bases the same as regular homes.

"They take away from the assessed value of homes and lower their rates," he claimed. He requested the board to set parameters for people requesting to put in mobile homes and have written procedures to follow for any variances.

He also asked the town board to place a freeze on allowing any more trailers in town.

Right after Cram addressed the board they heard from Trudy and jack Wright who presented a building permit to replace an old dilapidated trailer with a new one on property they recently acquired on Grove Street.

Trudy Wright told the board, "We're not asking for anything that anyone else hasn't done. We're making improvements to this property."

Town Attorney Tom Casey advised the board that under the current ordinance the Wrights could put up their trailer, as they were not asking for a variance.

"We need to clarify this ordinance and not leave this decision up the discretion of the town board. We are working on writing a new ordinance to address this problem," stated Casey.

Jack Jones told audience members, "whether this trailer goes up or not, there will not be another trailer go into this town until the ordinance is rewritten."

Earlier in the meeting, Roachdale residents learned they would see a decrease in their gas bills by approximately twenty percent for the months of August, September and October. The town's CPA Pat Callahan gave the report to the Roachdale Town Counsel.

"As long as we can make it through hurricane season, gas will continue to decrease and we'll have pretty good prices for the whole winter," stated Town Clerk Jennifer Crum. The next rate adjustment will be in December 2008.

In other business

* Discussed follow-up measures on clean up notices sent to property owners.

* Approved the new dog ordinance shortening a animals stay from ten to three days

*Tabled estimates for repairs to the town's snowplow truck.

* Took estimates for repairs for the back door of the town office and the roof of the gas house.

* Were informed by Water Plant Supervisor Greg Poole that the town would be flushing water hydrants on September 19.

* Approved donating an old canine cage to Putnam County Sheriff's Office

* Heard that Putnam County Prosecutor Tim Bookwalter approved buying an in car camera system for the town police cars at a cost of $4,700.

* Were informed that the cost of acquiring a new Crown Victoria police car would cost $21,248.

The town council regularly meets on the second Tuesday of each month at the town hall. Meetings are open to the public.

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