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Sunday, September 30, 2007


Monday -- Nachos or spicy chicken sandwich at CES, CMS; chicken nuggets or cheeseburger at CHS.

Tuesday -- B taco or chicken fajita at CES, CMS; country fried steak or pork chop at CHS.

Wednesday -- Chicken nuggets or cheeseburger at CES, CMS; chicken fajita or cheeseburger at CHS.

Thursday -- Barbecue ribs or chicken noodles at CES, CMS; pizza or tenderloin sandwich at CHS.

Friday -- Big fish sandwich or chicken sandwich at CES, CMS; cod fillets or barbecue chicken at CHS.

Breakfast -- Menus vary at each school.


Monday -- Chicken nuggets, bosco stick with salsa, veggie blend, fruit, milk.

Tuesday -- Spaghetti with meat sauce, lettuce salad, breadstick, peach crisp or fruit, milk.

Wednesday -- Hamburger sandwich, curley fries, baked beans, watermelon chunks, milk.

Thursday -- Chicken patty with mashed potatoes, green beans, wheat roll, fruit choices, milk.

Friday -- Hot dog sandwich, carrots and dip, baked chips, fruit, milk.

Breakfast -- Waffle sticks on Monday, Smuckers unscrustable on Tuesday, biscuit and gravy on Wednesday, breakfast on a stick on Thursday, Sausage patty on biscuit.

North Putnam

Monday -- Sausage pizza or grilled chiciken, French fries, carrot coins, fruit.

Tuesday -- Sloppy joe sandwich or grilled chicken, peas, fruit, cookie.

Wednesday -- Salisbury steak or grilled chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, fruit, roll.

Thursday -- Spaghetti, grilled chicken, lettuce salad, breadstick, fruit.

Friday -- Breaded tenderloin or grilled chicken, macaroni and cheese, veggies, fruit.

Breakfast -- Egg/cheese biscuit on Monday, French toast sticks on Tuesday, biscuit and gravy on Wednesday, breakfast pizza on Thursday, yogurt graham cracker on Friday.

South Putnam

Monday -- Cheese quesadillas at Central, chili dog at Reelsville, breaded chicken at SPHS.

Tuesday -- Ravioli at Central, burrito with cheese at Reelsville, Lasagna roll-up at SPHS.

Wednesday -- Chicken and dumplings at Central, chicken nuggets and pretzel at Reelsville, burger at SPHS.

Thursday -- Bacon cheeseburger at Central, Salisbury steak at Reelsville, coney at SPHS.

Friday -- Pizza at Central, pizza at Reelsville, ham and cheese at SPHS.

Area 30

Monday -- Spaghetti with meatballs, side salad, breadstick, fruit, milk.

Tuesday -- Country fried steak or Salisbury steak, mashed potato, green beans, roll, milk.

Wednesday -- Spicy chicken, baked chips, broccoli with cheese, fruit, milk.

Thursday -- Corndog, fries, carrots, fruit, milk.

Friday -- Pizza, peas, fruit choice, ice cream, milk.

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