Alex Alleys introduces high school league

Thursday, November 15, 2007

After trying to introduce bowling into local high school athletics, Alex Alleys has just started a high school bowling program.

The program is for the schools of Putnam County. The goal is to field a team of boys and a team of girls for each of the four county schools. At this time, only a team of boys has been filled out from Greencastle. Greencastle girls and both boys and girls from Cloverdale, North Putnam and South Putnam still need participants.

Any high school student with Wednesday and Thursday evenings after school open are welcome to join the program. This is not simply fun time bowling; it is competitive. Participants will be competing in the local program and taking teams to the state competition. Bowlers will have the opportunity to compete for scholarship money for higher education.

Anyone interested in learning more can call Rob Alex and Alex Alleys, 765-653-81=714 and get the information about how to join.

If anyone would like to help fund the program, discount cards can be purchased at Alex Alleys for $10. The cards entitle holders to discounts on bowling when they want to practice or take the family bowling. The money raised from the sales of the cards will be used to buy team shirts for the high school bowlers and to pay for entry fees in the state competition.


Alex Alleys has released the standings for 10 of its leagues as of Nov. 8.

Church League (Friday)

Team Wins Losses
Bethel Baptist 13612
Bainbridge Christian 13414
Bethel Baptist 23315
New Hope Fellowship1731
Open Hearts1434
Bainbridge Christian 2 1038

High team scratch game -- Bainbridge Christian 1 556

High team scratch series -- Bainbridge Christian 1 1,501

High individual game -- Female: Patti Cash 147; Male: Matt Bumgardner 189

High individual series -- Female: Patti Cash 417; Male: Jerry Broadstreet 463

Youth individual game -- Female: Bethany Kiger 91; Male: Andrew Broadstreet 92

Youth individual series -- Female: Bethany Kiger 238; Male: Andrew Broadstreet 244

Collier Pee Wee Youth (Saturday)

Team Wins Losses
VFW Vipers4212
Mark Frisbie Flyers4113
VFW Frogs3816
Dixie Chopper Gators3222
Gayla Schroeder Tigers3024
Hopkins Rector Raptors2826
Collier Kangaroos2727
Haltom Electric Chargers2529

High female scratch game -- Megan Friars 76

High female scratch series -- Megan Friars 136

High male scratch game -- Brandon Workman 101

High male scratch series -- Brandon Workman 185

W.O.T.M. Bantam Youth (Saturday)

Team Wins Losses
Carpenter Real Estate486
Dixie Chopper Dolphins468
VFW Buffaloes3420
Brady's Bombers3321
Dr. Hennette Blazers3222
JL Cline Jewelers Jets3024
First National Bank Titans2925
AJ Electric Shockers2826
Humphries Outdoor Power2628
Bittles and Hurt Bats2628
VFW Mustangs1242
Mason Jewelers Ravens1044

High female scratch game -- Britany Doolin 137

High female scratch series -- Miranda Nuz 231

High male scratch game -- Reggie Alex 159

High male scratch series -- Reggie Alex 288

Eagle's Junior Youth (Saturday)

Team Wins Losses
Colliers Rattlers5814
Sheldon's Gutterrats5616
Lucy's Ladies4923
VFW Warriors4626
Alexander's Masonry4428
Team 134131
Alex Alleys4032
Cash Concrete3141
Well's Yankees3141
Hacker's Hooligans3042
Stones Auto Body2844
Bumgardner's Racing2052
VFW Gladiators1854

High female scratch game -- Taylor Poe 151

High female scratch series -- Shayna Wahl 403

High male scratch game -- Matthew Cox 241

High male scratch series -- Matthew Cox 633

3-D Tire & Service (Monday)

Team Wins Losses
Lawless Lawn Care6432
The Y-Nots5640
Old Timers4840
York Family Autos4947
Drama Mamas4650
The Waters4650
Williams Body Shop4254
3-D Misfits2769

High team scratch game -- Old Timers 598

High team scratch series -- Old Timers 1,767

High individual game -- Carla Seniour 200

High individual series -- Carla Seniour 528

Men's City League (Monday)

Team Wins Losses
Little Dude Ranch6828
Ensor Electric6036
Alexander's Masonry5541
Go Getters3759
Whisker Biscuits3660
Moore's Bar3264

High team scratch game -- Alexander's Masonry 860

High team scratch series -- Alexander's Masonry 2,481

High individual game -- Scott Alexander 203

High individual series -- Brian Moell 559

Automotive League (Tuesday)

Team Wins Losses
Koke Sum body6234
JH Young, Attorney5640
Chuck Bond Painting5640
Team 125640
York Automotive5640
Git r' Done5541
The Big Lewbowski5244
Ed's Boys4551
J & BJ's Bait & Tackle4254
10 Up 10 Down3660
Alex Alleys3660
Tucker State Farm Ins.3066
Putnam Archery Sales2967

High team scratch game -- Git R Done 921

High team scratch series -- J.H. Young Lawyer 2,627

High individual game -- Steve Sutherlin 246

High individual series -- Walt Marshall 594

Sue Cash Memorial League (Wednesday)

Team Wins Losses
Designer's Den7034
Family Ties6143
Frisbie's Security5846
Scared Strikeless5648
First National Bank5252
Perry Wainman DDS5054
Bowling Moms4856
Strahl Farm Machinery4460
Williams Trucking4460
Little Brooklyn Pizza3470

High team scratch game -- Family Ties 679

High team scratch series -- Family Ties 1,925

High individual game -- Sheri Kendall 220

High individual series -- Sheri Kendall 568

Bubba Crawley Memorial League (Wednesday)

Team Wins Losses
Brad's Team189131
Cash Concrete173147
Boom Booms161159
Alex Alleys156164
Lone Wolves152168
The Skittles124196

High team scratch game -- Alex Alleys 609

High team scratch series -- Alex Alleys 2,248

High individual game -- Tim Chaney 232

High individual series -- Gary Cofer 809

Thursday Morning Mixed (Thursday)

Team Wins Losses

High female scratch game -- Gloria Curtis 190

High female scratch series -- Gloria Curtis 624

High male scratch game -- Kenny Inman 192

High male scratch series -- Rudy Cooper 669

Commercial League (Thursday)

Team Wins Losses
Sea of Bs6044
Bowling Juice5846
Stones Body Shop5648
Alexander's Masonry5648
AJ Electric5450
Crazy Pins5054
Auto Shop4955
Payroll Express4262
Putnam Inn4064

High team scratch game -- Alexander's Masonry 924

High team scratch series -- Alexander's Masonry 2,620

High individual game -- Scott Alexander 226

High individual series -- Scott Anderson 608

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