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Students write about philanthopists

Thursday, November 15, 2007

By Kyleigh Mitchell

Imagine if the world didn't have any philanthropists. Everyone just tended to their needs never stopping to think about other people. There would be pure chaos; a lot of people need help that they can't get themselves. The world has a lot of people who help that are call philanthropists.The person that I admire helping others the most is my grandmother: Sharon Mitchell.

What is a philanthropist? A philanthropist is someone that donates their time and money to charitable causes. A philanthropist may volunteer or make a donation, but he/she usually is known by donating large sums of his/her money to make a major impact through there volunteering. A philanthropist could be a trustee who manages a charitable organization or a young child helping at his/her local animal shelter.

The philanthropist I admire most is my grandmother: Sharon Mitchell. My grandmother goes to church and always donates at least $20 to the offering. She also donates her time to AWANA, which is an organization that helps children take Christ into their heart. My grandmother also participates in WOW: Women of Worship. They try to help women take Christ and who are having a hard time in their lives. My grandma also donates her time and money by donating to our church's food pantry. Sharon also donates her time and money to Putnam County Humane Society. In addition she gives money to the school by helping with all of our fundraisers, penny wars, Thanksgiving donations, and Christmas donations. I admire my grandmother because she does so much and never expects anything back. She gives all her time and all the money that she can afford to help other people. Even if some of those people don't deserve to be helped, she doesn't care. I admire her because she is always doing something to help others. She does so much, and ~ even though she gets tired and has bad days, she never stops. That is why I admire my grandma so much. I think that philanthropy is a great thing. It helps the world be a better place for all of us. Even though the world will never be perfect and everyone will never want to help, some people do. A lot of times philanthropists that donate large sums of money get accused of doing it for reasons other than to help. I don't believe that. Some people may do that, but most times it doesn't matter. They are still helping the world. I think that if the world didn't have philanthropy we would never get anything done, and everyone would be fighting.

By Morgan Dezsi

A philanthropist is someone who helps others. They are generous and good

hearted. I know many of these people. Out of the many philanthropists I encounter and interact with on a daily basis, the one I admire the most is my father, Louis Michael Dezsi.

There are several reasons I admire my father as a philanthropist. He is giving, family-oriented, and contributable. His chosen line of work shows how all of these characteristics apply to him. He restores homes after major damage, like a fire or a flood.

He has restored parts of Louisiana and Mississippi in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina in 2005. He also restored homes and businesses after hurricane Gaston in 2004, Charleston, S.C.

As I mentioned, my father is giving. In times of need, he has helped all people, including friends and family members. Most of these people he has loaned money to. A few he has welcomed into our home with arms wide open. He is always ready to help someone in need, weather they need a hug, a few dollars, or a place to stay for the night.

My father is an especially family oriented person. My younger brother, who is following in his foot steps, loves to ride dirt bikes. A few weeks ago, he made him a track to practice on in our yard. It took him two weeks, and he is still brainstorming more jumps and turns to put in.

Until recently, we had lived in South Carolina. Most of our family lives within

Putnam County. My father felt that we should be raised around family, and in a small town, with values that come with living in Greencastle. In July, we moved back.

After talking to my mother, I realized my father was contributable. I have always known this, but now I had proof. Earlier I spoke of my dad racing dirt bikes. He had many trophies from his childhood, and donated them for a good cause. Soon after he and my mother wed, he auctioned the majority of his trophies off to help a man who was hurt in an accident.

Because of the fact that he is giving, family oriented, and contributable, my father

is the philanthropist that I know, and admire the most. He has a big heart, and it shows when someone is in need, no matter who the person shall be. I have, and always will admire my father as a philanthropist.

By: Haley Bain

The philanthropist I chose for this essay is Oprah Winfrey. I think she is a wonderful philanthropist because she has given a lot of time and money to worthwhile causes. While Oprah grew up in Mississippi with her grandmother they lived in rural poverty and had financial problems. During her childhood Oprah experienced some difficult times, but she triumphed over those difficult times and has become an admired celebrity. She has a talk show called "The Oprah Winfrey Show" that deals with current issues and is viewed all over the world. Although Oprah has become a star and has a lot of money, she has not forgotten the challenges she faced as she grew up in an environment lacking everyday necessities that most of us take for granted. Oprah has donated a lot of time and money all over the world. She recently spent $40 million dollars on a children's school in Cape Town South Africa helping hundreds of girls get an education. Oprah also has a scholarship program which gives away scholarships to students all over the world. She also donates much money and time to other places where tragic accidents or natural disasters occur. She has given money to various charities and travels all over to destinations to help the underprivileged and to make others aware of their needs. Oprah also recently was put on Chicago's "America's Most Generous Donors". Oprah understands what people are going through and works hard to do what is right. I believe Oprah is a symbol of generosity and is the best philanthropist I know.

By Micayla Jones

There is one philanthropist that I admire above all others, and that person is my dad. He originally denied being one. When I started to list things off that he had done, he finally agreed that he had done some charity.

He's done many things, but the one that stands out the most is that he has donated nearly one hundred computers to underprivileged kids. He doesn't go and buy new computers, though. What he does is find old, used or

broken computers and fixes them to give away. He donated some computers with monitors to the Ronald McDonald house in Indianapolis. He also donated some software given to him so that they can play, and learn to spell and read. He has done some other things such as planning and helping to

throw two parties. One was for the Make-A-Wish foundation and the other was to raise awareness of children's diabetes. He organized many different people to make both parties successful. The parties went over very well. He

has also made some stools using laminate counter top and wood. He has donated some of them to children without fathers and some to bedridden kids. I look up to him for many reasons, but one of the biggest reasons is the

work he has done without any need for recognition. I hope that one day I can do at least half the things he's done without needing to be noticed. Those are the reasons I believe that he is a very good philanthropist.

By Bradanne Toney

Do you know what philanthropy is? Philanthropy is when a person gives time or money to help an organization. Imagine living in Haiti with no source of fresh water. The philanthropist I know and admire most drills fresh

water wells in Haiti.

Darrel and Barbra Toney travel to Haiti at least once or twice a year and stay for about six months to drill wells. Darrel Toney owned a drilling business on Highway 40 for several years and then retired. Now he works for Water for Life, a business that drills wells in countries that don't have a source of fresh water. Barbra Toney also helps the kids of Haiti go to school. Kids in Haiti are required to wear uniforms to school. She sews school uniforms for the kids of Haiti because the people of Haiti are so poor they can't sew them theirselves.

Darrel and Barbra Toney are my grandparents, and I admire them a lot because they devote their time to make Haiti a better place for people to live. It also has to be hard to leave your family members for four to six months in a row. One more thing I admire about them is they are brave.

Going to a country where everybody speaks a different languagemust be really hard because 1hey can't ask anyone for directions or help with doing something.

I think that anybody can be a philanthropist if they want to. Whether it's going to a foreign country and drilling wells or just donating to a school charity or Riley Hospital, anyone can get out and make the world better.

By Josie Parent

When you think about a philanthropist that you admire who comes to mind? For me, it's my dad.

Though he is just an average guy, and by no means wealthy, there are many worthy causes that benefit from his suppqrt.

One of the organizations that he supports is United Way. His monthly donations to United Way allow him to contribute too many different clubs and groups in our community.

He has chosen to donate countless hours of his time to coaching and guiding our youth. He enjoys forming relationships with the kids he has coached. In addition to coaching he has been a member on many league boards helping organize and plan events.

CMN (Children's Miracle Network) is another charity my dad chooses to support. He donates not just money but also time to this cause. At his place of employment, he helps plan and participates in many fundraising activities.

The cause closest to his heart though, would have to be Relay for Life. He participates in this annual event financially and as a walking member of a team.

Although my dad's name may never appear in lights, his time and money work in the shadows to bring a small light into others lives.

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