Greater Greencastle USBC Scoreboard & Standings

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


(As of 1-21-08)

Collier Pee Wee Youth (Saturday)

Team Wins Losses
VFW Vipers7428
Haltom Electric Chargers6735
Dixie Chopper Gators6438
Gayla Schroeder Tigers5646
Mark Frisbie Flyers5646
VFW Frogs5646
Collier Kangaroos4755
Hopkins Rector Raptors4656

High female scratch game -- Megan Friars 79

High female scratch series -- Megan Friars 135

High male scratch game -- Austin Bruner 120

High male scratch series -- Brandon Workman 210

W.O.T.M. Bantam Youth (Saturday)

Team Wins Losses
Carpenter Real Estate8022
Dixie Chopper Dolphins7428
VFW Buffaloes6834
AJ Electric Shockers6636
First Nat'l Bank Titans6537
JL Cline Jewelers Jets5844
Brady's Bombers5547
Dr. Hennette Blazers5250
Humphries Outdoor Power5052
Bittles and Hurt Bats4458
Mason Jewelers Ravens4062
VFW Mustangs2280

High female scratch game -- Britany Doolin 117

High female scratch series -- Britany Doolin 203

High male scratch game -- Reggie Alex 199

High male scratch series -- Reggie Alex 350

Eagle's Junior Youth (Saturday)

Team Wins Losses
Alexander's Masonry9640
Sheldon's Gutterrats9442
Lucy's Ladies9343
Alex Alleys8254
Colliers Rattlers7858
VFW Warriors7660
Cash Concrete7165
Hacker's Hooligans6670
Bumgardner's Racing6571
Stones Auto Body6472
Colliers Sharks5977
Well's Yankees5878
VFW Gladiators22114

High female scratch game -- Bryttani Bartrum 160

High female scratch series -- Shayne Wahl 416

High male scratch game -- J.T. Chadd 202

High male scratch series -- J.T. Chadd 546

3-D Tire & Service (Monday)

Team Wins Losses
Lawless Lawn Care9862
The Y-Nots9664
York Family Autos9565
Old Timers9466
Williams Body Shop8080
Drama Mamas7684
3-D Misfits45115

High team scratch game -- Old Timers 659

High team scratch series -- Old Timers 1,870

High individual game -- Kathy Brown 196

High individual series -- Kathy Brown 525

Men's City League (Monday)

Team Wins Losses
Ensor Electric10654
Little Dude Ranch10060
Alexander's Masonry7585
Whisker Biscuits7288
Go Getters6595
Moore's Bar6298

High team scratch game -- Ensor Electric 885

High team scratch series -- Ensor Electric 2,554

High individual game -- Brad Rector 231

High individual series -- Scott Alexander 548

Automotive (Tuesday)

Team Wins Losses
York Automotive9961
Chuck Bond Painting9268
Git 'R Done8773
Koke Sum Body8674
Ed's Boys8377
J & BJ's Bait & Tackle 8278
The Big Lewbowski8278
JH Young Lawyer7684
Team 127090
Putnam Archery Sales7090
Tucker's State Farm Ins.6694
10 Up 10 Down6496
Alex Alleys6496

High team scratch game -- Koke Sum Body 950

High team scratch series -- Chuck Bond Painting 2,641

High individual game -- Walt Marshall 258

High individual series -- Mark Dickerson 617

Sue Cash Memorial (Wednesday)

Team Wins Losses
Designer's Den12262
Frisbie's Security10876
Scared Strikeless10282
Perry Wainman DDS10282
Family Ties9589
First National Bank9094
Bowling Moms84100
Strahl Farm Machinery80104
Williams Trucking78106
Little Brooklyn Pizza74110

High team scratch game -- Frisbie's Security 677

High team scratch series -- Frisbie's Security 1,961

High individual game -- Jeri Parrish 201

High individual series -- Jeri Parrish 554

Bubba Crawley Memorial (Wednesday)

Team Wins Losses
Cash Concrete323285
Boom Booms323285
Brad's Team308300
Alex Alleys298310
The Skittles280328
Lone Wolves259349

High team scratch game -- Alex Alleys 568

High team scratch series -- Alex Alleys 2,157

High individual game -- Andrew Cofer 235

High individual series -- Jeri Parrish 841

Commercial League (Thursday)

Team Wins Losses
Bowling Juice11264
Alexander's Masonry9878
Neal Tire8987
Stone's Body Shop8690
Sea of Bs8690
AJ Electric8492
Putnam Inn8294
Crazy Pins7898
Payroll Express72104

High team scratch game -- AJ Electric 962

High team scratch series -- AJ Electric 2,753

High individual game -- Dave VonTress 289

High individual series -- Dave VonTress 631

Mixed League (Thursday)

Team Wins Losses

High team scratch game -- Sherry/Bill 376

High team scratch series -- Penny/Kenny 1,343

High individual game -- Male -- Kenny Inman 215; Female -- Susie Nees 181

High individual series -- Male -- Kenny Inman 812; Female -- Susie Nees 658

Alex Alleys Church League (Friday)

Team Wins Losses
Bethel Baptist 16638
Bethel Baptist 26143
Bainbridge Christian 15450
New Hope Fellowship4955
Open Hearts4262
Bainbridge Christian 24064

High team scratch game -- Bainbridge Christian 1 537

High team scratch series -- Bainbridge Christian 1,487

High individual game -- Male -- Charlie Lee 163; Female -- Katie Welch 143

High individual series -- Male -- Mark Hoke 417; Female -- Katie Welch 403

Alex Alleys Ladies (Tuesday)

Team Wins Losses
Farmers Concrete, Inc.9969
Bert and Betty's Bowlers8583
Trey's Signs and Graphix8286
Max's Barber Shop7791
Settle's Accounting7692

High team scratch game -- Bert and Betty's Bowlers 452

High team scratch series -- Bert and Betty's Bowlers 1,256

High individual game -- Patty Gibson 171

High individual series -- Patti Cash 441

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