Letter to the Editor

Expect more from Town of Fillmore

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

To the Editor:

I want to thank the concerned citizen who used the Speak Out to share concerns about some issues on Westwood Road in Fillmore. While your tone was a bit condescending, your points were quite valid.

I only hope that more people will be moved to be concerned and take pride in our community.

Thankfully, flat tires and trash in yards are fairly simple issues to take care of. Both of these concerns have already been addressed. The town car is off the street and will be repaired before returning to duty and the yard with the trash is also being dealt with.

Over the coming months and years Fillmore will be facing some tough issues. After only one month in office, I can tell you that many of the issues we face will take time to understand; and more time to deal with effectively.

I hope to be able to give an accounting of the start that the new Clerk/Treasurer and Town Council has made, in the first few weeks in office, at our Town Meeting on February 7, 2008 (7:00 PM). More details and proposed solutions will be forthcoming over time.

Again, I want to thank the Speak Out contributor for standing up for community pride.

If more people will look at what Fillmore needs to do to foster community involvement; and get involved at the most basic level, we will see significant improvements in our community over the coming months and years.

Jeff Osborn, president

Fillmore Town Council