Letter to the Editor

Upset by dog complaint

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

To the editor:

I am writing this letter to address the person who left an unsigned note in my mailbox on Friday.

To the UNIFORMED person who left the note in my mailbox on Friday, Feb. 29 regarding my dog's health, I just want this person to know that our dog is EXTREMELY well taken care of. He has had two major surgeries resulting from an intestinal blockage that he got when he was about 6 months old.

He is on a special diet and he eats 2 cups of dog food three times a day. The total cost of this and his surgeries so far has been about $2,000.

In the last operation they had to remove part of his small intestine. This makes it difficult for him to gain any amount of weight. It is similar to a person who has had a gastric bypass surgery.

I was highly offended by your unsigned note. If you want to discuss the matter with me, by all means leave your number next time. As for our dog, I believe having a dog or any household pet is a privilege and commitment to that pet and its health, so for you to assume that we do not take proper care of our dog is extremely upsetting to me.

If you have any questions regarding OUR dog's health, please feel free to contact me, Wendi Haltom 653-8575 or better yet you can call our dog's (Sammy) vet, Dr. Scamahorn and discuss the matter with him.

Fortunately Dr. Scamahorn was able to do emergency surgery on Sammy and he saved his life and we are forever thankful for that.

Wendi Haltom,