Letter to the Editor

Resident not happy with police response

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

To the editor:

It has really gotten sad here in Putnam County. Knowing that it took several hours for the sheriff's department to just respond out to your house when it had been broken into and then they just take a picture and a report. Knowing there had been several firearms and a knife collection as well as several other items.

Not a figure print was taken. Then for it to be broken into again for the second time a few days later and it took from 3:44 to 6:05 p.m. just to respond out there again, when asked why it took so long they responded by saying they only had two deputies on duty and they were busy when it's less than a 5 minute drive to there house.

They have 3 little children that live there and they couldn't even go inside for the second time because the perpetrators had destroyed the entire house and they couldn't take a chance on one of the children to get hurt on all the glass that was on the floors as well as for the 3 little ones seeing just how cruel someone had been to their home.

It has scared their little minds for life as well as made them see if they we're ever in need of help they COULDN'T count on the ones their suppose to count on "THE PUTNAM COUNTIES SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT."

There was NO EXCUSE for the lack of the sheriff's responce. For after people having talked to some of those that do work for the Sheriff's Department they weren't even aware of what had taken place or even knew this had happened. No One In Putnam County can feel safe. I just wonder what and how fast they would of responded if it had been their own homes. I think it's far past time for a new sheriff.

Cindy Barger,