Letter to the Editor

Reader offers her thoughts on pet adoption

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

To the editor:

I can sympathize with the family who attempted to adopt a dog from our local humane shelter.

Last summer I tried to adopt a dog. I, too, was given a guided tour and felt so sorry for all the animals, but found one I wanted to take home.

To make a long story short, the lady at the desk made a determination that the dog was not a good fit. (We talked for all of maybe ten minutes.)

I was told not to worry, the dog would find a good home. They now take the animals to the east coast where there is a shortage???

I am truly happy that Putnam County has a place to take animals and avoid euthanization, but I do question some of their screening practices. Would it not be better to let Putnam County residents adopt than to let the animals sit in cages until the next bus leaves for the east coast?

I was willing to take a dog home to a large fenced-in back yard, love and care for her, which was so much more than she was getting.

Oprah had a program on last week about cruelty in the "puppy mills". If anyone is interested, go to Oprah.com for the information.

After listening to her program I am even more concerned and upset that animal loving people cannot go to their local shelter and adopt. Maybe it is time for people with some authority to do some investigating.

Marjorie Hood,