Letter to the Editor

Hydronic heaters aren't the only polluters

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

To the editor:

I read the front page article concerning the potential ban on hydronic heaters.

If this comes to be, will you also do something about the paint fumes that are dumped into the atmosphere by the former Happico plant? Or will you continue to look the other way?

You better get the beam out of your eye and quit worrying about the speck. Also, some people use these for their hot water, not just to heat their houses.

The family that lived west of the facility had to move. They could not stand the fumes. Attend Bible study on a Wednesday evening at the church of Christ, or walk the people pathway, or attend a soccer match, or softball game thru the week; the fumes that are dumped into the air are rather obnoxious.

I would guess that they do a lot more damage to the atmosphere than the hydronic heaters. (And no, I do not own a hydronic heater).

The saddest thing, there were two incinerators at the plant. If my information is correct, Happico petitioned the state claiming that using the incinerators were putting them at an economic disadvantage!

The incinerations were no longer used and eventually disassembled and loaded onto semis and taken off the premises.

Reggie Ross,