Letter to the Editor

Expect smoother streets in Fillmore

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

To the editor:

I would like to thank everyone who contributed to our efforts to patch the roads in Fillmore. This was truly a team effort, and the team was made up of several volunteers from the Town of Fillmore.

We also had contributions and "above and beyond" efforts from individuals and companies outside of Fillmore.

All three Council Members spent time on the work crew. I spent the least amount of time, working only a part of one afternoon. Councilmen Alan Jones and Wes Terhune contributed a significant amount of their time.

Alan Jones, who is a retired highway engineer, conceived and supervised the project from beginning to end -- including equipment repair and maintenance. Resident Bob Tyler assisted in the repair of equipment in preparation for the project.

While both of the Town's Street and Utilities employees participated in the project, town employee Joe Cash was present and contributed to a significant amount of the work.

Town volunteers included Meredith Trusty, John Rusk, Jeremy Robinson, Robin Maynard, and Bob Tyler. The truck that pulled the equipment and carried the stone was loaned to the Town by Greg Osborn of Osborn Construction, Sheridan Indiana.

The Town of Fillmore would also like to thank Cliff Dickehut, from Equipment Marketing Company; as well as Dave Southerland, Mike Allen, and Earl Wood. We would also like to thank the Banner Graphic, Channel 6 and Channel 59 for the positive news coverage.

The Fillmore Town Council is looking forward to more improvements with the upcoming Community Improvement Week, May 25 -- 31, which will culminate with a dumpster in Fillmore on May 31 and Tox-Away Day at the Fairgrounds in Greencastle for items that cannot be put into a dumpster.

Fillmore Town Marshal, Tom Helmer, has already had a work crew from the Putnam County Jail come in to clean up some of the street debris. Learn more about Fillmore's efforts to clean up the town at www.fillmoreindiana.com

As the residents of Fillmore enjoy a smoother ride over town streets, we look forward to the County making repairs to the streets that lead into the town. We are confident that those repairs are in the planning stages and will happen soon.

Jeff Osborn

President, Fillmore Town Council