Drivers told to obey flood signs

Tuesday, June 10, 2008
Signs like these are popping up all over county roads. If you see a sign like this, obey it. If the roads aren't flooded they may be damaged.

Putnam County Emergency Manager Kim Hyten warned residents Monday to obey all traffic signs posted in areas that are flooded or damaged by flooding.

"We need people to use common sense," said Hyten. "The signs are up for a good reason. It's a safety issue. I know people like to get out and play around but it's dangerous. Please don't take down tape or move signs blocking damaged roads."

An area of particular concern is Dunbar Road, north of the covered bridge. The road is not only flooded but has fallen in.

"People are taking down the emergency tape across roads and taking the high water and road closed signs," Hyten told the BannerGraphic.

Dunbar Road is closed to everyone but local traffic. It is a very dangerous area.

Hyten is also preparing to file for federal assistance for damaged homes, roads and emergency services. Anyone with damage to his or her home or business should call Hyten at 653-5727 to report problems.

"We are working on coming up with a way to calculate the damage in order to apply for aid," said Hyten, who is expecting more problems with approaching storms today and Wednesday.

"Please use common sense. For your own safety stay out of flooded and damaged areas and obey the signs posted," he added.

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