Letter to the Editor

Poll finds readers mixed on busing fee

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Banner Graphic asked readers whether they think school corporations should charge student athletes for bus rides to and from games, in an effort to offset the price of fuel. Editor's note: Greencastle is considering a $25-35 per student fee.

A total of 171 voters (38.2 percent) said "yes," while 277 (61.8 percent) said "no."

Here are some of your comments:

* The students should have the option AT ALL events to ride with parents or adults.

* They should see funds from boosters, other local business owners who support local athletics to pay for the students who can not afford this tax.

* I thought our tax dollars help budget the schools and our tax dollars have gone up, so why do we have to keep giving and giving.

* Sure! As hard as it is to believe for some folks - Sports are not something taxpayers are required to pay for. There are certainly benefits to doing so but we aren't paying taxes for the schools to sponsor football. We're paying taxes for reading, writing, and arithmetic.

* They get enough money through taxes! why charge the parents?

* You have got to be kidding!!

* Is the school corporations going to make our kids pay to ride the bus to school? Sounds a little ridiculous if you ask me,

* That is ridiculous

* That will leave a lot of kids out. They can't help it. And some of the kids parents can't or won't pay. This only hurts the kids.

* charge the board!