Letter to the Editor

Daniels has been champion for children

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

To the Editor:

Perhaps ironically, Gov. Daniels' most adamant would-be supporters are not yet eligible to vote.

Though his party's goal may generally be to keep government size small, Daniels has put 800 new child protection workers in the Department of Child Services, dramatically decreasing child deaths in the state -- a much-needed expansion, without raising taxes.

K-12 schools, from which the state borrowed enormous amounts of money under democratic governorship, have seen more than $300 million paid back to them, without increased taxes. Parents in Indiana are taking advantage of full-day kindergarten.

The expenses of child welfare programs and school operations have finally been lifted from the shoulders of property tax payers.

Recently, Daniels announced that one of his goals, if re-elected in November, would be to ensure that high school graduates in Indiana would have the opportunity to attend a two-year institution without worrying whether they or their families can afford it.

This is a necessary step forward for Indiana which, after years of lulled economic activity, needs educated young people who are eager to stay in the state.

As a parent, these are welcomed changes, and I hope we are fortunate enough to see more.

Nancy Wright