Letter to the Editor

What does it take to qualify for assistance?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

To the Editor:

I am a diabetic. I am not able to work and don't even have a home. I am living with a friend for now.

On July 10, I was taken to Bloomington Hospital by EMS. My sugar was 546.

I have asked for Medicaid so I can get my medicine, but they turned me down.

Who does qualify for Medicaid?

I don't have any way to buy insulin. I take a shot two times a day, plus pills. I have applied for disability but was turned down again.

I guess there is no place for people who really need assistance in Putnam County.

Medicaid better get their prioritites straight. I am 58 years old, so I am not a young woman.

But I guess Medicaid doesn't help us.

Marilyn Coffman