Letter to the Editor

Cloverdale reserves thank instructors

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

To the Editor:

The Cloverdale Police Dept., Reserve Division, would like to express there sincere appreciation to Tony Gregory, trainer from the Marion County Sheriff's Department.

Mr. Gregory donated his time and expertise in training to teach the 40-hour pre-basic course required by the State of Indiana to our new reserve deputies. With the training (free of charge), the reserve officers have all completed their requirements and are ready for field training.

The department would also like to thank Wayne Lucas, retired sheriff of Clay County, for the use of his firing range. The new reserve members and our full-time officers were able to complete and pass the required firearms re-qualification at his facility.

The Cloverdale Police Department was denied the use of the Jim Baugh Memorial firing range in Putnam County.

The CPD Reserves will continue to have meetings, training and educational classes in an effort to provide the level of protection and service that our citizens expect.

We would also like to thank all who have donated to help the program move forward and expand.

Reserve Sgt. Don McCammack, and members,

Cloverdale Police Department Reserve Division