Letter to the Editor

Greencastle is a great place to be

Friday, August 15, 2008

To the editor:

My daughter will soon begin her college career at Depauw, her family is thrilled and so proud of her! She has already gone to cheer leading camp with the Tiger cheerleaders and came back tired, sore, proud and confident. I am originally from Indiana and grew up a Southmont Mountie and Wabash fan (Sorry Wabash)Go Tigers!

I am looking forward to my daughter getting to experience Indiana as I did and I couldn't be more pleased with the progression and growth Greencastle has made in my twenty years of being away. While growing up, Greencastle was a place we "drove through" and I never imagined as a child that I would become part of it in some way.

Looking at colleges for a daughter who is bright, open minded and caring I knew that she needed a school that is a perfect fit intellectually but also needs a community that supports it's students and stays involved - Greencastle & Depauw won!

My daughter was accepted into schools such as Drexel, Rollins, Drew, Hanover,Xavier, etc..

Greencastle will now be her new home as she leaves us here in the Virgin Islands. I am proud to say we made the right choice in Depauw, but also made the choice because of the great city, towns, people and farmlands that surround it.


TJ Dailey