Clover volleyball loses to Patriots

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

CLOVERDALE -- The Cloverdale Clovers had a difficult night against the Owen Valley Patriots Tuesday.

In the first game, Cloverdale developed an early lead that Owen Valley couldn't overcome. Maria Skiles' serving was one of the key components to the early lead. They continued to build their lead to 12-3 with great teamwork and communication. However, Owen Valley was able to build on mistakes that Cloverdale made and lessen the Clovers' lead.

But it just wasn't enough because the Clovers wouldn't be outplayed. They won 25-14.

In the second game, the Patriots took an early 7-3 lead and continued to build that lead to 13-9 due to mistakes by the Clovers. CHS was not playing as strong as they did in the first game.

Whitney Bond, Elizabeth Cheatham, and Allie Franklin were key front row players. Maria Skiles was a key server.

Owen Valley's serving and net work were two things that Cloverdale couldn't overcome. Even though the Clovers played hard, the whole game, there wasn't much that they could do to overcome the Patriots. Owen Valley won the game 25-17.

The third game began the same way that the second one did, with Owen Valley taking an early lead over Cloverdale. However, this game would be different because the Clovers were able to come back and tie it at 12-12. The game had a big volley back and forth.

However, Owen Valley was able to take a lead 18-14 over Cloverdale and were able to monopolize on mistakes by the Clovers and continue that lead to 21-16.Owen Valley won the game 25-17.

The fourth game was more of the same with Owen Valley taking an early 7-3 lead. A big part of the Patriots' lead was Sydney Stines. She had a long series of successful serves that the Clovers couldn't answer. Mistakes and lack of communication was two key components of the Clovers' downfall.

Owen Valley was able to take complete control of the game. It started with 13-5 and continued until the end of the game when they went on to win 25-12.

"We knew coming into this match that it was going to be a tough match. The first game was the best that we have played all season. We started making errors and Owen Valley really stuck it to us. However, we are really excited about playing in the county tournament on Saturday. As defending champions, we have a lot on the line" said Coach Kathy Moore.

At Cloverdale

Owen Valley 14 25 25 25

Cloverdale 25 17 17 12

Kills -- Bond-5, Cheatham-5, McCammon-3, Franklin- 4, Evans-2,

Assists -- Skiles-5 Sparks-9

Blocks -- Cheatham-6, Bond-5, Evans-2, Andersen-1, McCammon-1

Digs -- McCammon-40, Franklin-28, Evans-24, Shepherd

Points -- Skiles-12, McCammon-7, Shepherd-6, Evans-3, Franklin-2, Sparks-1

Next game -- The Clovers face South Putnam in the County Tournament at North Putnam on Saturday.

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