Letter to the Editor

Sunday sales would increase convenience

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dear Editor:

Convenience and a good price. That's what consumers want when they shop today and that is why Indiana's drug, grocery, and convenience stores are supporting an effort to modernize Indiana's alcoholic beverage laws to permit Sunday and cold beer sales.

Permitting drug, grocery, and convenience stores to sell alcoholic beverages on Sunday increases the convenience shoppers want when they head to the store on Sunday, the second busiest shopping day of the week.

Cold beer sales at drug, grocery and convenience stores adds to the customer convenience element, but it also will give shoppers better value by bringing greater competition, and better pricing of beer, at the retail level.

A recent price survey conducted statewide showed that shoppers of cold beer for at home consumption are charged on average over one dollar more per case verses the price of a warm case at liquor stores. Liquor store owners get away with this "cold beer tax" because they have a monopoly on cold beer carryout sales. Permitting drug, grocery, and convenience stores to sell cold beer removes the liquor store's monopoly and brings competition to the retail sale of carry out cold beer that will lead to the end of the "cold beer tax".

I urge the public to support Sunday sales and cold beer sales at drug, grocery, and convenience stores. Readers are also encouraged to visit the Hoosiers for Beverage Choices site, www.beveragechoices.com and sign the on-line petition in support of Sunday sales and cold beer sales. Over 13,000 Hoosiers from all 92 counties have signed the petition seeking an end to Indiana's antiquated alcoholic beverage laws.

Grant M. Monahan


Indiana Retail Council