Wilson runs personal best en route to semi-state

Monday, October 20, 2008
Ben Wilson ran under 17 minutes for the first time in his career and advanced to the Franklin Central Regional.

INDIANAPOLIS -- As GHS senior Ben Wilson crossed the finish line, it was apparent that he had nothing left. He was helped down the chute bent over and had to eventually lie on the ground to collect himself. Wilson shattered his PR time by 18 seconds and punched his ticket to the semi-state competition next weekend.

Wilson came into the meet with a PR of 17:05, but Saturday he posted a 16:47 to place 14th in the competition.

As Greencastle head coach Mike Schimpf stated after the contest it was a long time coming for Wilson. He hit his PR time as a sophomore and it took until Saturday for him to blow by it. He also thought other runners could learn from Wilson's example in terms of desire and work ethic.

"It's been two years, a long time coming and it's not been for lack of effort," Schimpf commented. "He's been working hard, he runs in the wintertime, he does well in track season, he runs during the summertime, so it's very gratifying. It's a nice thing for him to be able to PR today -- it just feels good. It feel good for him because of all the hard work and it shows something to all the other kids that 'hey if you go out and really, really work those good things will happen' -- it's hard to argue with that example."

Greencastle also got big performances from its other runners as well. Jordan Lewis placed 45 overall with a time of 18:07, with Ryan Gillespie placing 49th in a time of 18:22. Kyle Harlan came in with a time of 18:59 and 57th place, while freshman Nathan Eubank was 59th in a time of 19:20. Ryan Stevens, a freshman as well, ran a 19:41 for 61st place and first year runner Mike Mahoney placed 62nd in a time of 19:45.

"The other guys did really well. I know I had at least one other PR, I'm pretty certain that was Nathan Eubank. The other guys ran well. We were still fast in the mile, but the mile just goes fast here. It's a flat course and it's a quick course, so that's going to happen. It just going to be how much can you recover or how much can you not fall off of that pace is what is becomes a lot of," Schimpf said.

Greencastle has five departing seniors and Schimpf spoke of their impact on Saturday's meet and the giant hole he'll have to fill next season.

"We've got all these seniors that it was their last race today and I think they hoped to run their best in the last one, but when it comes down to it they ran hard and that's what counts," Schimpf commented. "Jordan Lewis, Kyle Harlan, Mike Mahoney and Ben Wilson. Bo Walker was here, but he still couldn't run, so we have five seniors. We were in this position a couple of years ago where we lost a bunch of seniors too, so when the time comes, we'll have to find some more guys to go out and run."

Wilson will compete at the semi-state meet this Saturday at Franklin Central beginning at 10:30 a.m.

At Ben Davis

Ben Davis Boys' Cross Country Regional

Team Results

Pike 78, Perry Meridian 92, Southport 99, Plainfield 100, Ben Davis 106, Avon 112, Brownsburg 166, Greencastle 221, Cascade 223, International 242

Top 15 individuals (advance to semi-state) -- 1. M. Jordan (Pike) 15:55, 2. Nelson (S) 16:03, 3. Johnson (BD) 16:12, 4. Surfus (A) 16:12, 5. Vicenzi (B) 16:14, 6. McGrew (P) 16:21, 7. C. Jordan (Pike) 16:22, 8. Holt (C) 16:23, 9. Casey (PM) 16:35, 10. Droddy (I) 16:37, 11. Jett (Pike) 16:37, 12. Griesenaurer (A) 16:41, 13. Gearhart (S) 16:45, 14. Wilson (GHS) 16:47, 15. Young (PM) 16:51

GHS -- 14. Wilson 16:47, 45. Lewis (GHS) 18:07, 49. Gillespie (GHS) 18:22, 57. Harlan 18:59, 59. Eubank (GHS) 19:20, 61. Stevens (GHS) 19:41, 62. Mahoney (GHS) 19:45

Next meet -- Wilson will compete at the semi-state meet this Saturday at Franklin Central beginning at 10:30 a.m.

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