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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A life less complicated

Friday, January 9, 2009

My editor sent me out into the community to find residents with a New Year's resolution.

During my attempt to fulfill the assignment, I started thinking about my own resolution. I couldn't come up with one at first. I don't want to lose weight, get a better job, quit smoking or take a trip.

It left me to ponder what I could do differently in 2009 to make it better than 2008.

Then, I had an epiphany.

My New Year's resolution is to un-complicate my life one step at a time.

I am going to start with eliminating the headache of locking my keys in the car. It can be costly (up to $35) and embarrassing.

I was on assignment at The Waters recently and made the last minute decision to not wear my coat into the building. I simply took it off and threw it over the passenger seat. A split second after the door shut, I gasped. My keys were in the coat pocket.

"Great," I exclaimed with my arms in the air. "I did it again."

Yes, I said again. This isn't the first time, but the second time in two months.

After my interview, I asked to use the phone. I explained my keys were securely locked in the car. A staff member called for maintenance personnel.

"They may be able to help you," she told me.

Two guys met me at my car with a screwdriver and hanger. One guy wedged the screwdriver in the door and slid the hanger inside. The downfall was the hanger was not durable enough to push the unlock button. They made a second attempt with a smashed curtain rod.

Within seconds, my locks popped up. It worked!

I was elated.

I offered to give them money, but they refused. All they asked was for a good review.

So, here it is.

Life is stressful enough. When I was in need, two strangers came to my rescue. Thank you!

My resolution will continue through 2009 by finding ways to make my life a little easier. Since I cannot increase my memory, I will have additional car keys made.