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Increasing water rates discussed

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

ROACHDALE -- Town Council President Jack Jones opened the monthly meeting telling the audience they would be recording during the meeting and that comments from the audience would be limited to five minutes.

Resident Dennis Gentry spoke to the board during the public comment section. He pulled his own timer out of his pocket and set it before telling the board what his concerns were.

Gentry asked the board to do something about the water and sewer increases passed by the council earlier this year.

The rates are increasing 50 percent for sewer bills. The cost was split into two 25-percent increments with the second increase due in February.

Water rates are rising 75 percent and they too are being split into two increments.

In August, the minimum cost to customers per 3,000 gallons for sewage rose to $23.55. The second increment on Feb. 1, 2009 will raise the minimum amount to $28.14.

Water bills increased to a minimum of $14.62 for 2,000 gallons in August, and will jump to $18.54 in February.

"All you told us was that you hadn't done it in awhile (raise rates). A lot of people can't afford it. I can't afford it," said Gentry.

He also complained about the purchase of a new police car.

Jones replied that Gentry's questions had been answered in the past.

The only item on the agenda was information presented by one of the two insurance companies competing for the town's business.

Town Marshall Mike MaHoy announced that dog tags for 2009 were available from his office. Cost is $5 per tag and will rise to $15 in March.

After closing the meeting, Jones re-opened it for three residents who arrived twenty minutes late and asked to speak to the board.

Jim Cromwell asked the board what they could do about flooding that occurs on N. Walnut Street. He stated that during the last big rainstorm he had water all the way up into his garage.

Larry and Rhonda Morphew also have flood issues. Rhonda Morphew presented the board with pictures of the flooding that has occurred at her home. She complained of having raw sewage, mold and mildew.

"I have a letter I want to read to you," she told the board.

Jones gave her the go ahead.

In the letter she stated she had talked with the State Board of Health who told her to present a letter to the town council. She complained of having raw sewage, mold and other issues in her home in which her three children live.

She asked for an inspection by the town and compensation for damages to her home.

"I don't even know if it is habitable or not," she said.

Town attorney Tom Casey noted that the town is only responsible for the lines up to the property line. The home owner is responsible for any lines on their property.

"These guys will understand your issue and they will go above and beyond to do whatever they can but the town is only responsible for the lines to your property," he said.

Morphew asked the board to provide an inspector to look at her home. She was told by Casey that there was no inspector and in order to hire one they would have to create zoning ordinances and that would take time.

Jones reiterated that the town would continue to check into the problem and do what they could to help.

The Roachdale Town Council meets on the second Tuesday of every month at 6 p.m. at the town hall.

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